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Sticky Brick cherry Junior - manual vaporizer Hand Made

Best vaporizer | Best Vaporizer store ecig and accessories. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - latest products 11.08.2018 at 19:29

To buy Vaporizer for herbs and oils and accessories for ecig BEST VAPORIZER - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

12.500 R.

Vaporizer Sticky Brick Junior is a hand portable vaporizer is used as a heat source, the flame of turbosails. Vaporizer is made from real wood and produced in walnut, cherry or maple. This model is made of cherry. The device itself is compact, its size is 11.5 cm, width 7.6 cm and thickness 2.5 cm Sticky Brick Junior simple in design but so elegant and effective. Case Sticky Brick Junior is made of 3 separate wooden blocks. These blocks are held together by very strong magnets. All glass parts are made of high quality glass Simax Borosilicate. To use the device is quite simple. Now you do not need a power supply to charge the battery. Sticky Junior Brick as a heat source uses a butane turbo lighter, which prudent supplied with the device. The lighter comes empty, so don't forget to get gas in order to quickly start using the device. Now you can regulate the temperature, delaying or accelerating the flame. Any doubts that vaporizer convection type. ANY combustion, NO tar, NOR any carcinogens. Only the best couples! Needed some exercise, because the herbs are heated manually using a jet lighter. Keep the flame over a small tube and at the same time, tighten evenly from the large curved glass tube. The heat generated by the lighter now moves down fills the chamber, dissolves the active ingredients of your herbs and acts as a delicious aromatic vapor. Some training requires that you burn herbs, and at the same time releasing all the active ingredients of the substance used. If you learn the technique, you will be rewarded with a delicious, cool and thick vapor. In this video you will learn more: