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"Renaissance Credit" offered customers a special conditions on the contribution "the Renaissance Tenement" press releases 08.08.2018 at 21:00

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"Renaissance Credit" imposed special conditions on the Deposit "Profitable Renaissance" on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. Now this Deposit can also be opened for a period of 550 days.

the Contribution is available in three currencies: rubles, us dollars and euros. When you open in the Department of ruble deposits in the amount of 30 000 the interest rate is 7% per annum. When placing foreign currency deposits, the yield will be as follows: when investing from $ 500 and 1.5%, with investments from 500 to 24 999 Euro 0.25%, and more than 25 000 euros — 0,5%.

"Renaissance Credit" has long established itself as a stable financial partner, providing wide opportunities in terms of stockpiling and saving money. This year our Bank is 15 years old. And this event is a great occasion to please investors an attractive offer. Deposit "the Renaissance-Profitable" enjoys great popularity among customers. Therefore, we decided not to introduce a separate jubilee Deposit, and expanded the options already existing, adding the ability to place funds in a year and a half under elevated compared to our other products the rate," — said Galina Utkina, Vice President, Director of Department of Bank products "Renaissance Credit".

the Bank Also increased the yield of ruble deposits, "the Renaissance-Profitable", are hosted for a year. When opening the Deposit in the Department of interest rate is now 6.75 percent in the initial amount of 30 000 rubles.

"the Special conditions we decided to reward customers who actively use our remote services, and increased by 0.25 percentage points interest rates on ruble contribution "the Renaissance-Profitable" for all time when opening it through the Internet Bank or mobile app," said Galina Utkin. So, for stays of 30 000 rubles on three month rate of 6.35% per annum, at six and nine months was 6.75% on year and 7% at 18 months — of 7.25%.

the Percent on the contribution "the Renaissance Profitable" paid at the end of term, the possibility of replenishment or partial withdrawal of funds from account no. However, provided preferential conditions for early termination of agreement: prior to the expiration of 90 days the interest will be recalculated at the rate of 0.5% from the 91st to the 180th day or at the rate of 2.75% per annum, from 181 to 366 days at the rate of 3.5%, with 367 days — at a rate of 4%.

by 1 July 2018, the volume of deposits in Bank was equal to 109.1 billion roubles*[1]. In the first half it increased by 12.9%. The majority of the portfolio (72%) consisted of deposits with terms of six months and a year.

[1] according To management reporting under IFRS.