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"Alfa-Leasing" grants "holidays" from the financial analysis for up to 12 months press releases 13.08.2018 at 09:26

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"the alpha-Leasing" has launched a loyalty program for regular customers. Now, customers of companies that are proven reliable partners, can re-enter into transactions without documents for 12 months. The program will allow customers to purchase cars, trucks and special machinery in one day.

the loyalty Program is oriented for repeated clients — those who have already received approval for funding for their project and requested again. Such applications are considered under special conditions in an accelerated mode.

"Vacation" from the financial analysis are provided to customers whose funding was approved in the last three months.

For those customers that have already made six payments and prevent delays, "the alpha-Leasing" provides as much as 12 months without a financial analysis.

"Company "Alfa-Leasing" appreciates customers and always ready to meet them. We strive to make the leasing fast, simple and easy. That is why we have launched a loyalty program for regular customers. The receipt of the decision on the transaction without re-package of documents will help customers to save resources for the development of its business and the company to increase its operational efficiency, which in turn will reduce the cost of the product," said Director of retail business of GC "Alfa-Leasing" Andrey Badmaev.