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Galsworthy John "collected works in sixteen volumes"

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John Galsworthy "collected works in sixteen volumes", with illustrations by artist Vladimir Goryayev, translation from English under the editorship of N. Gal, Library "the Spark" (Introductory article by D. Gateway, translation from English under the editorship of M. Lorie, I. Gurova , T. Ozersky, I. Bernstein, and others. the first volume includes the work of John Galsworthy "the Forsyte Saga". The second volume contains a continuation of the "the Forsyte Saga". Vol. 3: "Modern drama" vol. 4: continuation of "a Modern Comedy" and stories from the cycle "On poritskiy exchange". V. 5: "Villa Rubein" and "the Island Pharisees". V. 6: "Estate" and "Brotherhood". V. 7: "Patrician" and "the Dark flower" So 8: "Friendy" and "Stronger than death" V. 9: "the way of the Saint" and "the final Chapter" V. 10: "Desert in bloom" and "over the river" V. 11: stories from the collections "People from Devon", "Comment" and "Mixture". Vol. 12: stories from the collections "Hotel Comfort", "Little man" and other satires" and "Five stories". T. 13: stories from the collections "Ragamuffin", "snapshots" and "foresights, Pendici and others." Vol. 14: the dramatic works of the "Silver box", "joy", "Fight", "Justice", "the Elder son" and "Runaway". V. 15: the dramatic works the "Little man","Crowd", "Highlight", "No gloves", "Family", "Loyalty", "Jungle", "Play" and "Escape" Vol. 16: satirical works, articles, speeches and letters of John Galsworthy). Moscow, Publishing house "Pravda", 1962, hard cover format 205 x 135 mm. Price 650 RUB.