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Culture / Visual arts

The Art Of Bashkortostan. Twenty-first century. In the context of world culture. Part one.

The main strip 10.08.2018 at 14:08

At the turn of 1980-90-ies of the social and political reforms of the perestroika period of Soviet Russia resulted in global changes in culture. Fine art and the whole culture of Russia in the new period of its history, is committed to the diversity of styles and artistic manners that are welcomed as a result of democratic gains. These changes have provided the Bashkir painting by the end of the twentieth century noticeable, increasing with each subsequent five-year period dynamics. It should be noted that if in the early stages of democratization in art, freedom was seen only in the search for new forms of plastic and colors, by the end of the 90s, the focus switched to art image and the content of the work. In addition, greatly increased interest in folk culture, which is manifested differently in today's professional art (in the use of decorative elements in a composition or color palette works). The appeal to religion or national origins expressed the desire to find a new spiritual values.