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The salaries of the Directors for the construction of the farm will continue to grow

Meedik 18.08.2018 at 13:00

The Intern health magazine

In the pharmaceutical market there is an acute shortage of Directors for the construction. The number of vacancies increases by 20-30% per year. The personnel experts of the company "Contact" (InterSearchRussia) predict wage growth data professionals in the coming years.

the situation is due to several factors. On the one hand, developing the industry: the construction of new and moderniziriruyutsya old factories, because of the sanctions and the tightening of requirements for localization of production there are more joint ventures with international partners.

the Demand from companies greatly exceeds the supply of job seekers: successful candidates often receive multiple offers.

the candidates needed detailed knowledge of the specific pharmaceutical production technologies. Another common requirement is English. Finally, companies need young, active, sociable people. Given that construction Director – the position is technical, in practice the personality profile of candidates may not always meet customer expectations.

for its part, the company is ready to offer a paid apartment and a house employee and his family, as well as the relocation or transfer.

the average salary of these managers is 250-350 thousand RUB (before tax) per month depending on the size and complexity of production, as well as an annual bonus in the amount of 20-30% of annual salary.

But given the shortage of specialists in the market, wages will definitely increase in the coming years.