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In the Novosibirsk biotechnopark is pre-investigation checks

Meedik 19.08.2018 at 05:00

The Intern health magazine

Siberian public man Vladimir Kirillov initiated regular inspections of JSC "Management company "Biotechnopark"". He filed a petition in the regional GU MVD of a possible theft of budget funds by officials of the company. On his page in Facebook, Mr. Kirillov published a Decree on the transfer of the investigation from the interior Ministry in the second Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the investigation Committee "for decision in accordance with article 145 of the criminal code".

"From declassified materials of the OSA for the wiretapping of the Director of "Metholdingom" Frank T. S., a possible embezzlement of budget funds fraudulently allocated to the JSC "MC Biotechnopark" is directly related to the General Director of JSC "MC Biotechnopark" Kozhevnikov V. N. and Director of "Biotech-expert" gutova E. A.," reads the document.

the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "MC Biotechnopark" Andrey Bekarev confirmed "FV" that the company passes the preliminary examination.

"According to unofficial information, the problem is that there is overvaluation of the individual items of the delivered equipment. We are not talking about withdrawals, funds used inappropriately, he said. – Since the announcement, the PSC conducted a huge number of checks. Deviation from the planned fixed at the level of 3-7% for different types of equipment – this happened in 2014, when exchange rates have shown much greater fluctuations. For some items, the determination of the value was correctly formulated, without regard to the specific configuration".

Andrey Bekarev said that the equipment is delivered in full.

"There are contracts in which management has managed to significantly reduce the price, so the final cost did not exceed the planned", – he said.

the focus of law enforcement biotechnopark was the fall of 2017 when the company passed the verification of the accounts chamber revealed violations in use of budget funds. As a result, the Ministry demanded to bring in the regional budget of 20.8 million RUB obtained in violation of the terms of the grant. The irony was that these funds had to allocate the founder of the company, the government of the region. In connection with the decision of this question in the financing of biotechnopark again problems arose.

"an Endless series of checks demotivates staff. Now throw suspicion on people who have done much for the development of the company, became its engine, despite external circumstances", – said Andrei Bekarev.