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Experts do not believe in the possibility to establish interchangeability of all medical devices

Meedik 19.08.2018 at 13:00

The Intern health magazine

The Task of developing the order of interchangeability of medical products, which is vested in the Ministry of health, market experts called extremely difficult.

Recall portal the Ministry of health has notified about the early development of the draft decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the interchangeability of medical products.

This initiative is a logical continuation of the implementation of the first subparagraph of paragraph 7 of the action plan "promoting competition in health care", approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation from 12.01.2018 No. 9-R .

in addition, in January of this year, the Ministry of health, Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of Finance was requested to develop criteria for the identification of medical products of closed and open types.

According to industry representatives, the task is extremely difficult.

"as far As I know, nowhere in the world the problem of interchangeability of medical products failed to solve. Not to say that it is impossible in principle, but in fact for a significant part of medical devices to establish interchangeability impossible. Too wide variety of types, many modifications within species. Russia has a unique situation 80% of the market of medical devices is procurement, so the interchangeability of the government needs to reduce budget costs. In other countries this is not a problem, there are other systems of health financing. Therefore, when designing a document, it is hardly possible to rely on any world experience", – commented General Director of "Mediteks" Andrew Vilnius (pictured).

According to the expert, to determine the interchangeability will be possible when precise system of nomenclature of medical devices.

"But existing classifier causes a lot of complaints, it is necessary to carefully rework. And if this can be done, the interchangeability can be applied, but again, not for all kinds of medical devices. There are cases where it will fail simply because it is impossible", – he added.

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