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Bar-barrel - Bars-barrels

The store of oak barrels "barrel-oak" - article 23.08.2018 at 13:49

Store of oak barrels "barrel-oak articles


a Stylish interior detail in a country house or elegant decoration of the bar or the pub - mini bar-barrel may be the "twist" you are looking for. Thanks to a spectacular original design that the decoration will be appreciated by everyone who sees it. Thanks to the versatility of this bar is suitable for private and for public spaces.

Bars-barrels for decoration of private houses and apartments

If you have decided to transform the interior of your house or apartment with such interesting interior details, as well as a barrel, you made the right choice. Installing it in a living room or dining room, you first, will give the room a completely unique atmosphere of luxury, style and exclusivity, and secondly, get a great place to store bottles of alcohol. Your friends will think over the design of the room done by the designer – so interesting to look bars-barrels.

moreover, bar-barrel is pretty compact for its capacity, so it can be positioned in the room even with modest area.

Where appropriate put a bar-barrel:

In the living room. Cosy sofa, a low coffee table, atmosphere for pleasant pastime with family and friends – everything is just optimal environment for stylish bars-barrels. When, during a pleasant meeting a bottle of good wine or elite cognac is close at hand, the conversation starts to go more fun. In the dining room. Everyday dinner or a celebratory meal for the holiday – an excuse to enjoy a glass of wine may be different. But to argue with the fact that the bar-barrel will be more than functional decoration of the dining room – difficult. In the kitchen. If you do not have a separate room for dining, and eat in the kitchen, and this room is quite suitable for installation of the bar the barrel. In the home bar. For the space bar-barrel fit just a hundred percent. You can order and becoming in a bar several bars-barrels separately for each type of alcohol: wine, whiskey, cognac, etc. Your friends definitely will appreciate this interesting interior move. In the office. The office, located house usually looks solid and respectable, so bar keg, special the premium segment, will help to emphasize the atmosphere. The drinks in the bar, you can treat your business partners or colleagues after a discussion of current Affairs, or to enjoy yourself after a hard day. In the library. A good book and a glass of whiskey – a combination that will be appreciated by fans of decent recreation. Bar-barrel in the library – it's unusual and more than the original, and also very stylish and comfortable.

As you can see, ideas to embed the bar-barrels a lot and they are all more than successful. Therefore, deciding mini-bar barrel to buy, you're doing it right – because of problems with its placement, you just will not arise.

Bars-barrels for interior decoration of bar, pub, restaurant

it is Logical to assume that establishments that serve alcohol, is the most obvious choice to install the bars-barrels. If you want to give your bar or restaurant more spectacular and unusual, thereby attracting more customers, be sure to consider with the purchase of bar-barrels, and you will not regret it.

Our company offers some of the most successful options bar's barrel, among them the "Klassik", "Venus", "Standard", etc. But you can also order a model made in accordance with your personal wishes – that is absolutely exclusive, which will be made specifically for you. The exclusivity of the design in combination with handwork and the natural tree is always prestigious, valuable and fashionable.

Thanks to its universal design bars-barrels would be appropriate at a fine dining restaurant with a strict dress code, and casual bar, where to go to get a drink. They can be used and applied purposes – that is for placement and storage of bottles of alcohol, and arts and just for interior decoration. But, to be sure, and in that and in other case unnoticed and unappreciated element of the interior will not remain never.

Bars-barrels from "Ka-El" - high quality

Thanks to the professionalism of the craftsmen Coopers, working in our company, each mini bar-barrel of wood high-quality, reliable, have long operational life. We use only properly dried wood, the durability of which is unquestionable. Extensive experience and successful implementation of projects of different complexity allows us to say that for our masters there are no impossible tasks – therefore, every product always satisfies the customer at one hundred percent.

If you is important not just to buy a bar, a barrel, and buy the product for a long time will remain as beautiful, secure, effective and functional as the first day you came to the right place.

Best conditions buying bars of drums on our website

We always try to keep up with the times and offer our customers the most favorable terms of cooperation. That is why our distinctive features is the great prices, ease of payment and delivery, creativity and style of each product, as well as a large range of possible solutions.

"Ka-El" - the apparent leader of the cooperage industry. Over the years, we have fulfilled hundreds of orders, including produced a large number of high-quality, efficient and practical bars of drums, which now delight their owners throughout the country.

Bar-barrel can be a nice and useful gift, so if you have a loved or respected person who appreciates good spirits and creative solutions, planned personal or professional celebration, consider this stylish accessory as a gift. You can rest assured that it will definitely be appreciated due to the striking design, worthy quality and exclusivity of the decision.

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