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Play big: 5 types of toys that will make your children love Finance themes of the day 26.08.2018 at 21:05

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Counting money and creating your own financial strategy is not always a feasible task even for an adult. What can we say about the baby. Portal specifically to help parents have studied the financial market of toys and picked up a few interesting options.

the Psychologists, pedagogues and professionals working with children in one voice say: to educate, to teach and to lay the primary knowledge kids need to begin at a very early age. In addition, the process of learning the little man is much easier than an adult. So why not grow a full financier? Even if the child will not go in this sector, the resulting skills are not exactly in vain. But to help in this difficult matter parents can toys. But not normal, and with financial bias.

Option first. Non-trivial and colorful

When your little one says and does not know how to count, learn together figures. Let the child periodically hears and sees the numbers from zero to nine. And it is better if such "arithmetic friends" he will meet during the game.

the Most simple decision here — to buy plush figures. They are soft, pleasant to the touch, safe for play and can be absolutely any textures and colors. You can even sew by yourself, it will require only fabric and holofayber (for more natural toys, you can choose buckwheat). If you decide to do such a toy yourself, it is better to treat the seams on the sewing machine: so the result of your work will be stronger.

don't like plush figures — take a rattle in the form of a spider, and let the child considers all of its feet.

in auditory memorization there are interactive toys. Usually they "take the form" bears, Hippo, and other beloved kids cute animals. Such plush creatures can pronounce the numbers when turning on or pressing on their part. Also they can "examine" the child, "begging" to name painted on the foot, the tail or part of belly number.

Probably the most creative solution for kid's learning the numbers will be baseband (from the English. Buzy board — "busy Board"). Now this is a very popular buy, giving mom and dad a break for at least 15 minutes.

the Essence of binibona trivial and brilliant at the same time — on a large surface (usually of wood) screwed to various "stimuli", so loved by all children: handset with wires, window latches, door locks, computer keyboards and much more. The Internet sold as a ready-made busybody and created to order. Among ready decisions come across with numbers and hours.

Illustration #2 the second Variant. Simple and tasteful

When the baby learns to hold objects and to pronounce the words, you can go to the eternal classics — the counting sticks, and loose-leaf accounts or better known accounts of Abakus. Surely the same were you in my childhood. These simple arithmetic tools are perhaps the most effective for learning new vocabulary.

the Figures for learning can also be written on wooden or plastic cubes, little giraffes (and the greater the figure is an animal, the longer it will have a neck), flying on airplanes, food a number of times the hedgehogs. Features — weight, but choose your best option together with the child that he definitely liked.

a Favorite of many parents is the numerical dominoes. With it the child does not perceive learning as boring process, it wakes up the excitement of the game not to count, and to gain more points for correct answers than mom. First with Domino child learn to count, and then to solve the examples. Also in stores you can find math bingo. Its principle is based on an "adult" game of this kind, but in a baby version of the fundamental is to compare the barrel with the number with the corresponding cell.

Option three. Modern and unusual

For older children, you can buy a magnetic Board where you are as the scores and numbers. At this "springboard" it's good to create and solve examples. There are also puzzles-examples in the form of mats and even a numeric Twister.

Your children will enjoy not only visual, but also tactile score. You can buy the so-called mathematical pizza where each ingredient and each slice represents one digit. There are also watermelons. Such inedible products as well develop the score, and motor skills.

the Sets of money and banknotes (not real, of course) might be interested in brats, accustomed to "pay" leaves. Moreover, now even full playsets for the supermarket cashier, including cash register and POS-terminal for payment by credit card.

Game supermarket may be other properties for the buyer. This set contains not only the cash for payment of purchased goods, but also goods (plastic vegetables, fruits, household items), along with a grocery cart and weights.

Option four. Technologically advanced and in pace with the time,

What gadgets do not come up with humanity at the moment. Interestingly, for children there is a special gaming gadgets, and the number of types is not inferior to the adult counterparts.

Probably the most common and not very interesting for kids gadget is a toy smartphone or tablet. Entertainment on these "sites" are simple pre-installed games and a calculator. They can also play sounds (same name press numbers and keys) and sometimes have a built-in simple voice recorder.

how Much more fun a truly unusual tech toys. It may be the interactive dog robot, which will be worn at your home quite like a real one, and to bark so that the neighbors in the evenings obstuct all the batteries. But most importantly it will teach your child. Various models of such robots are constructed differently (and not necessarily look like dogs), and functionality they also can be truncated, and the maximum developing. The cooler in every sense of the robot, the correspondingly more expensive. There are models for a couple of thousand, and there are tens of thousands.

with reference to the Finance and banking sector, producers make toy "smart" ATMs and safes. This ATM is quite ready to adopt a special bill (and give too). Children's ATM will also accept a Bank card and show the balance of the game. In addition, the ATM can act as a calculator, alarm clock and piggy Bank. And if you turn on a device the function "Accumulation", it will help to develop a simple financial plan (how much to save each day or week to a specified time to have the stated amount) and will pay the savings only when you enter a special code.

Illustration #3 the fifth Option. Serious and exciting

Teenagers, of course, all the previous kinds of toys like you fail. But they have their own attraction — financial Board games.

you May not know, but even in "Monopoly" are frequently used Bank card. However, this game is no longer considered cool among the young, the young and ambitious students.

Now more in fashion Board game "Economicus". It promises quite complicated, but interesting pastime that helps to understand such concepts as "offshore," "Amnesty of capital", "market saturation", "nationalization" and "startups". In fact, the purchase and development of the latter and you have to do. Bearing in mind the strategy selected by the players around you, you need to make very difficult decisions — what is a startup, and what sectors of the economy it is better to buy, how much it might cost, as a higher price to sell it at auction.

In a sense, an upgrade of "Economicus" is "Ergonomika". Here, as you know, the table game action occurs in the world of ordinary people, and in the world of orcs. And the rules here, too, "orchi": players are not only buying companies, developing start-UPS, seize the property of others, as in the classic game, parties "Ergonomiki" can also inflict a curse on competitors paszamant and choose a company favorite from the scope of the "Military tourism" or "Datamovement".

If you want an older child occupied for some time, playing younger and they both do not get bored, you can choose the compromise. For example, "Exchange memory": the playing cards represent the currency of the European Union. The goal is turning two slot "shirt" down to find as many pairs of cards with the largest bills. There is the same game with currencies of different countries and continents.

Junior and senior can get along, also selecting "nastolki" good "Optovichok". In the description of the game says: "Learn the basics of business can start from a very young age.

Wholesale ice cream, chewing gum and chocolate will help your child get a taste of "getting" money, will introduce to the simplest of financial schemes and methods of implementation of goods. The young merchant could be anyone." The manufacturer promises that the trading game "will be so exciting and interesting that will gather at one table all family members". "Adults and children with unquenchable excitement will develop its own strategy, trying to buy cheap and sell expensive", — says the annotation to the game.

But it is best to unite the family inventing their own active or intellectual games about money, Finance and banks. Try at your leisure, you will surely enjoy!

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