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Wireless speakers Monitor Audio Airstream WS100

Note Plus 30.08.2018 at 06:40

Note Plus

Universal easy and quite understandable for the specialist Speakers Monitor Audio WS100 is designed for simple listeners not network engineers. Wireless connection to any computer is realized via receiver-transmitter USB, which configures automatically without the need for additional SOFTWARE. Each active loudspeaker optimized to provide maximum of pleasure from listening music. Excellent acoustic design is fully compliant with best architecture wireless to ensure a clean signal path from source to speakers, free of distortions that impose restrictions on listening to music. The WS100 monitors are specially designed treble and mid/bass drivers, created on the basis of technology C-CAM, which is used in the creation of flagship models Monitor Audio. The membrane is very light and at the same time extremely hard, so the speakers can reproduce dynamic tops and bottoms very accurately and easily. Another important element of the WS100 is the principle of wireless transmission of SKAA™. Built-in to each digital-to-analog Converter device is a specialized wireless receiver which applies high quality digital audio Protocol to transmit audio signals from a source to "destination" without the slightest compression. It works in the band of 2.4 GHz and protects the lossless signal from the noise penetrating from the other networks using proprietary technology Walking Frequency Diversity™ (WFD) (Stepper spacing frequencies), which uses seamless switching channels for removing clicks, loss of signal and disconnection. Play and listen anywhere designed for maximum ease of operation the system WS100 easy to connect and work. Turn the outlet of the column and plug the SKAA transmitter to USB. If you have multiple transmitters, allowing you to send signal to a distance of 10 m, four of the WS100 system will receive the same signal and transmit it consistently neat and unscathed. Stylish remote control, which in its form is perfect for hands will help to control the volume, playback, track selection and sources. The system is equipped with a 3.5 mm Jack plug, which you can use to connect your Apple iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® and other sources. Wireless connection to Apple devices is via a ultra-compact receiver-transmitter, sold separately. The volume level can be controlled with a touch panel located on the side of the WS100. Feel the quality of Each cube-speaker WS100 is made of metal, is robust and weighs 1.7 kg. the Rest of Cuba is covered with a special varnish which protects the surface from scratches. And the final touch – a unique magnetic swivel system allows each column to set the desired angle, ensuring great sound. Equipment and features • Easy to operate, active, high-quality wireless speaker system • audio quality level CD • Universal device works with PC and Mac, as well as any other media device • Remote control adjusts the volume level, track selection, functions (play/pause) • Hard case with rotary mechanism • high Quality speakers with metallic diaphragm of C-CAM® • Four integrated amplifier, one for each speaker. Total system output is 60 watts. • Progressive DAC with digital sound processing • Patented SKAA wireless system™ • Quiet music reproduction: no cross-talk, clicks, loss of communication • you Can add up to four pairs of WS100 to create a simple multi-room system • Purchasing four transmitters can be fed the signal from different sources (computers) on a single pair of WS100. Specifications Monitor Audio WS100 Frequency range 80 Hz – 25 kHz power output WOOFER 2 x 20 watts tweeter: 2 x 10 W Speakers: WOOFER - 2 x 75 mm C-CAM cone HF 2 x 19mm Gold C-CAM dome Acoustic design: Sealed box auxiliary input impedance /sensitivity 10 Ohms/ 300mV Wireless system SKAA™ 2.4 GHz transmission Distance of the wireless signal - 10M* the Ratio "signal – noise" >Category 95dB amplifier – digital Class D finish Color housings - silver with black glass top panel and black protective mesh