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Culture / Visual arts

Landscape photography, pierced the silence

The main strip 30.08.2018 at 14:36

We are well aware of the great Ufa paintings artist watercolor paintings Ramil Abdullina, on whose works, in all its beauty displayed in nature. But not just a landscape, a frozen moment, a ringing silence, one minute. And today we will get acquainted with creativity of the beautiful masters of photography, who in his works tries to capture just a moment in the life of the world.

Suutari Photographer Mika (Mika Suutari) lives in Finland. Photography was carried away 10 years ago. Started with macro photography of insects. After the birth of the children of time on a hobby he has left. Then Suutari started taking pictures late in the evening or in the wee hours on the way to work. A dark silhouette in the moonlight in the pictures the photographer is himself.