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Anti-theft search beacon nav Pandora-08. A review of the product

Alarm Obninsk 28.08.2018 at 09:55

Review automobile search beacon Pandora NAV-08

Car beacon is a special device with which it is possible to find and return the stolen car. Pandora nav-08 – universal search anti-theft beacon with compact size and battery operated AAA batteries. Its functionality compared to other similar solutions is more extensive.

Today, no car security system, claiming the reliability is impossible without using search beacon. Thanks to him you can track location of machines and to snatch her from the clutches of the hapless hijackers. The relatively low cost of the lighthouse bookmarks, as well as its decent quality make this element of the automobile security system is extremely popular.

lighthouse pandora nav-08 – new 2017're quiet and invisible to prying eyes as easily installed in a hidden place machines and can be activated by the external signal.

What is the principle of automotive lighthouse?

After activation he's hiding in any hidden place of car. Design features this item avtokrana, as well as the imagination and skills of the owner of the car determine its installation in places such as:


· children's soft toy;

· the covering of a chair;

· wheel housing, etc.

To install the pandora lighthouse nav-08 must be treated carefully, as from its place of installation will depend on the possibility of detection by an attacker.

lighthouse uses a power-saving mode for maximum extension of time "life" of your battery.

lighthouse-bookmark works as follows:

· normal operating mode the device assumes its activated 1 time per day, during which it will connect with my GSM connection. Connection it allows you to determine have there been to the lighthouse a custom command. If any have been received, the security element goes into "sleep";

· a very active functioning of the tab reports 1 weekly test message containing information about its status and location;

· if there is a carjacking, pandora nav-08 is activated and the owner sends signals about your location, the frequency of such signals increases depending on settings that are set (1 per 10 minutes up to 1 times per hour).

it is Important to note that the security element is not operating in constant activity, which may unmask it in the emission of a GSM signal. Unlike satellite monitoring systems to track the signal while using nav, pandora-08 the attacker is extremely difficult.

   Hit! Anti-theft-search beacon NAV Pandora-Pandora 08 NAV-08 is the most compact (52h42h17mm) and the "long-lived" on one set of batteries (less than 4 µa between periods of activity) out on the market today. But the most remarkable difference is the possibility of programming it via Bluetooth with any modern mobile phone with Android operating system. 5 800 R   anti-Theft-search beacon Pandora NAV-08 now in your shopping cart