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Around Barmaley. Andrew Ostalsky – British chaos

Radio Liberty 02.09.2018 at 05:01

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The "Jewish question" became topical in the UK for the first time in many years. Certainly since the Second world war not flashed so often in the headlines the word "anti-Semitism". The prosecution put forward against the main opposition party in the country – the labour party, or rather, their current leaders. Some observers believe the case could reach the split in the party means, and all the centuries-old British political system may be threatened. Jewish organizations have noticed that the left wing of the party criticism of Israeli policy increasingly turns into outright racism. The number began to evolve into after the election of the leader of labour's Jeremy Corbin and joining the party of hundreds of thousands of his supporters from the far left movement Momentum. Sam Corbin and his entourage indignantly reject these charges ("How can this come to mind, we're socialist internationalists, the principal opponents of any form of racism!" – from time to time assert they are). A formal investigation was conducted, which revealed "institutional anti-Semitism" in the party, but found his "separate development" that promised to eradicate. However, the promise is not performed, but new accusations rained hail. Very strong speech on this topic can be found in the pages of not only the center-right The Times or the tabloid press, but in the left-liberal The Guardian, normally sympathetic to the labour party. If the Corbin was to blame only in that he panders to the haters and blind eye to their poisonous propaganda, it is now blatant anti-Semitism accused him already. It turned out that Corbin defended the right to existence of the mural in East London, which depicts the hard-hearted bankers, all as on selection with the characteristic hooked noses, playing "Monopoly" on the bare backs of the disadvantaged. It is almost an exact repeat of the grotesque scenes from Nazi Newspapers of the 1930-ies. It was discovered that Corbin was involved in several anti-Israel conferences and meetings, closely communicating with people, not only justifying terror against civilians and calling on a par with Israel's policies and Hitler, but even expose the "world Zionist conspiracy" in the spirit of the "Protocols of the elders of Zion". Terrorists from Hamas Corbin called "friends". One day he was invited to speak in the house of Commons Arab activist promoting the "blood libel" – the stupid belief that Jews drink the blood of Christian babies. Finally found the recording of Corbin from 2013, where he contemptuously speaks of the British Zionists who supposedly "don't know history" and so "does not comprehend British irony", although he lived all his life in England. Positive fairy-tale characters left. Wherever you look – around some Barmaley Brought apologies and excuses did nothing to convince, but the fanatical supporters Corbin, obviously ready to forgive him anything (and there are many). For example, the politician explained that, accusing him of historical ignorance and defective of belonging to British values a group of people he was referring to non-Jews in General, but only of the Zionists "in the political sense of that term". In my defense, in connection with the problem of the ill-fated mural Corbin said, "not carefully" examined the picture. The answer seemed laughable to critics. Jewish organizations also insist on the fact that the labour left-wing circles and in the environment of the party leader the word "Zionist" is used as a euphemism, replacing the word "Jew", and Zionism is nothing else than a denial of Israel's right to exist. After all, the only thing that unites the right and left (by the way, sympathetic to the Palestinians) and Zionists – belief in the right of a Jewish state in life. MP from labour's Margaret Hodge right in the Parliament, in the eyes of colleagues, called Corbin an anti-Semite. It was supported by dozens of other politicians of the labour party. It would seem that in Britain, only 300 of the thousands of Jews, but, first, in the labour party they have traditionally been far more than other political organizations. Secondly, most importantly, the British intelligentsia, the middle class despises the anti-Semitism, believing it to be not only immoral phenomenon, but a sign of low culture. These sentiments expressed by the Deputy speaker in the party, Tom Watson, saying that the problem of anti-Semitism threatens to bring down the labour party "into the abyss of shame and eternal shame." But in support of Corbin unexpectedly made figures openly neo-Nazi organizations, he felt it "his". It is clear that the opponents of Corbin trying to use the scandal for political purposes. It's not only the conservatives but of the moderate wing of the labour party most dissatisfied with the Marxist-Leninist, anti-market and anti-Western rhetoric of the current party leader and his entourage, their inconsistent position on Brazito, allowing the conservatives to push through his exit from the EU. But, like a mirror image, something similar is happening in the ruling conservative party. The far right wing is unhappy too "soft" position of Prime Minister Theresa may for talks about the conditions of leaving Britain out of the EU. They don't want compromise, I propose to secure the surrender of Brussels. The main exponent of these sentiments was a former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, miserably recently departed from the government. "Slam the door" did Johnson's most popular politician among ordinary party members. The difference between labour and conservatives is that the first representative of the extreme left wing, once considered an extremist and marginal, now heads the party, while the second – the leader of the extreme right wing has not yet reached the highest rungs of the party, but has become the main contender. Both Corbin and Johnson have a chance to be in the foreseeable future, the head of the British government. There are conservatives and its counterpart anti-Semitic scandal, only it is about Islamophobia. Leaving the government, Boris Johnson published a review in the newspaper the Daily Telegraph, in which he ironically spoke about the way some Muslim women dress: they say, reminiscent of the "mailboxes" and "Bank robbers". Polls showed an immediate jump in his popularity on the right wing of the ruling party (which, apparently, was the calculation). The most striking thing is that among the new ardent fans of Johnson were neo-Nazis, almost literally the same audience that applauds "anti-Zionism" Jeremy Corbin! Many, however, in Britain and these people (their position is clearly expressed in the social networks), whose position can be expressed by the formula "a plague on both your houses". A David Douglas expressed these sentiments: "unfortunately, the disaster named Corbin is a reflection of the state of British politics in General. Or the extremists, or mediocrity. Because I can not to consider Teresa may the guiding light of the XXI century!" Douglas echoed by others, also believe that "never has a British political scene was not so empty." Positive fairy-tale characters left. Wherever you look – around some Barmaley. Andrew Ostalsky – London-based political commentator Expressed under the heading "Right of the author" opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher