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"The Rebound Of The Institute". Why scientists do not want to leave the building

Radio Liberty 02.09.2018 at 12:41

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Former Director and now scientific Director of the Institute of scientific information on social Sciences (INION) academician Yuri Pivovarov through social networks addressed to colleagues with the appeal in any case not to leave the building of the Institute even at the time of repair. "Otherwise we'll never be back. It is better to suffer. Let the repairs done with us," he wrote. Not for the first time the Institute urged to leave the premises where the unit of the Institute settled after the fire of 2015 in their own building on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. Another threat came in August, when the meeting in the Ministry of science and higher education decided that the necessary next move. Say, can no longer employees of the Institute to work in the dilapidated building. It needs some work. Having learned about such plans, Yuri Pivovarov wrote an open letter to the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev with a request to protect the long-suffering Institute. The letter stated that the eviction "would mean another move, which in itself is a problem, and the rebound of the Institute". "We have adapted to the new conditions. Successfully fulfilling the state assignment. Restored our service. Apparently, we want to move to a place absolutely not fit for the Institute of social and humanitarian profile, the letter reads. – Here, in the area of metro station "trade Union", we are at the center of social-humanitarian Academy. And it's not just convenient and familiar. This is a necessary condition for the normal functioning of the Institute". And here's how he responded to the President of the RAS answer: "My opinion is that the institution that is so injured by fire that it is not necessary to pull. Otherwise, we again get out, and he will crumble, nothing will remain." Negotiations with Ministry officials led to the fact that it was announced, perhaps an overhaul will do it without the eviction of the employees. But, maybe not. This will be a special Committee to decide. Doctor of Economics Sergey Smirnov are well informed about the situation in the Institute. According to him, the final decision is still pending. – The repair without the eviction of the employees is one of possible, probable variants of development of events. While I'm not sure what the solution would be effective. Comparable to repair in an ordinary apartment. You know, what with relocating to make it much easier and faster. Similarly, and this building on the street Krzhizhanovsky. It is clearly in poor condition. Officials from science not very immersed in what differ of the Humanities of knowledge to scientific and technical on the other hand, we cannot ignore the factor of, so to speak, institutionally-meaningful. I recall that after the fire 2015 funds for the restoration of the building of the Institute over a long period could not allocate. Whether this desire was not, whether the possibility. Then from the now defunct FANO has any proposals to merge the Institute with the all-Russian Institute for scientific and technical information (VINITI), which is also included in the system of academic institutes of RAS. This episode is a consequence of the problem. The fact that the officials from science, I think, not very immersed in what differ of the Humanities of knowledge in science and technology. And it is absolutely different things. – Therefore, the staff of the Institute was against it? They were afraid of absorption? – Of course. If a structure possesses certain assets, that is the same space on the street Usievicha, but it comes a poor cousin, you know who will play first violin, and who will be the sixth Alta or drummer in the background. The situation was aggravated by the fact that after the resignation of Mr. Pivovarov Director alternated like a glove. Each worked for about a year. All of them are completely decent people. I can tell because I had to work hard with one of them and interact with others. It was obvious that this brand decent people thrown into the maelstrom of large and small problems. But anyway, the situation should be somehow razrushena. Now there are talks about what the Institute will be relocated to one of the nearby buildings. It is very important geographical factor, that is, the binding of the Institute of the territory, binding, with some kind of cluster. Agree that the territory near metro stations "Profsoyuznaya" and "Academic", can be called a kind of scientific cluster. What institution is there just no! This Central economic-mathematical Institute, and the Institute of Economics and the Institute of world economic and political studies, and the Institute of Russian history, and a number of other institutions. To pull out of the Institute, transfer it to a completely different Moscow area means to lead to the loss of interaction and communication between employees. – Why is it important that the staff of these institutions around? They use the services of the Institute? We often complain that young people leaving for the West, but, sorry, how not to go? Yes. INION in these difficult conditions has never lost its publishing plan. He constantly publishes abstract journals. The economy in the year out of four refereed journal with an actual review. These publications facilitate the work of the and economists, and by the way, historians, because there is such a field as history of economic knowledge. Databases of the Institute, its library, which is currently deployed in another room, requests for scientific information is. In a situation with all this uncertainty, the staff of the INION behaves very adequately. No it is not shaken by internal scandals. These people keep a United front. It is important to keep the staff of this institution, and there is another very significant risk. We often complain that young people leaving for the West, but, sorry, how not to go? And INION has youth, and, by the way, talented young people exist, I know some of them. But now imagine, the person comes with a training bench. He finishes graduate school, defended his Ph. D., and it turns out that the structure in which it operates, it is not very who need. What you can simply call the Director of this structure on the carpet and, despite the opinion of the team, to appoint a new Director, and so on. – It is not surprising. When the fire happened, the staff of the INION behave selflessly. The building was still burning, and they've saved the funds, saved their publication. The population will ever get new cars, flats and pay – of Course! Of course, I killed a lot of publications, but a significant part was able to save. If the time were allocated large sums of money to digitize all of these instances, loss would be much less. The state in this case is simply eliminated from the performance of its functions. It is put at the forefront of the clean economy. It is forgotten that the state has another very important function is a social function. And it's not just the social protection of orphaned and needy. It is not only a program of fighting poverty, not only the program of creation of new highly productive jobs. It is not only a program of education and health, but, among other things, the program of preservation of knowledge. In the may presidential Decree 2018, there are many different national projects. But the loss of what no one thinks, except for enthusiasts. I mean the preservation of the Humanities to future generations. In the end, sorry for the slang, the population will ever get new cars, apartments and salaries. In the end, maybe, will appear everywhere high pensions, but I would like to get people engaged in the preservation of knowledge, did not feel the void. A normal person can become only after will you understand what happened before you, what was the problem, how to solve these problems, as developed in the society where it went and what it has the prospects. – Problems would not exist if I already own the restored building of the Institute. In the beginning of this year there were reports that in 2019, the building of the Institute on Nakhimovsky Prospekt will begin to reconstruct. This is a real prospects? – The reconstruction project of the building is. I'm not sure what year it can be built, but if in 2019 will start work, I'll forgive much of the current current Federal and Moscow authorities, - said Sergey Smirnov.