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Spherical model for action cameras. A pinch of summer, you the tape

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 03.09.2018 at 21:01

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About this "thing" I dreamed of the moment when I got my first action camera. And this was in August ' 16. Then I looked at the cool pictures from a GoPro taken at the same time and under the water and out. To do such I tried constantly. The thing that was needed in the model to position the plane of the lens of the camera so that the water would be exactly in the middle. It is very difficult, because the lens diameter of about 1.5 cm And then I stumbled on the Internet on accessory that can perform this function and it was called underwater housing (spherical). Is it specific to certain cameras, or you can choose the size and layout of the buttons on the case. This same box was chosen under the SJCam SJ6 Legend, suitable to model Air. Although I more and more think that Boxing universal (on the body of a missing button on the camera).

the Accessory is quite interesting and peculiar, but a buyer will always find.

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