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Paper comics. Batman Paul Dini: "it's kind of a family" The article 01.09.2018 at 08:47

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The Board of Directors refuses Arkham Harlin Kvinzel in early release, not believing that the "repentant criminal" should be given a second chance, even if she "promised to do away forever with the past." However, events do not go according to plan...

the Next single, Paul Dini develops the story begun in his "Conversation for two": here again acts blonde, now working with doll-Face scar ("Blondie & Clyde," as Harley calls them). In mind she "has some business in the ointment" - Rob Wheeler-dealer who "launder loot for guamskoe mafia". For this she needs the help of the celebrated clown-acrobats...

We seize power in this city, and anyone who tries to stop us, feeds blood.

Page from the comic "Batman: Detective comics. Kind of a family"

As usual, even in small format single, the author supplies a few unexpected twists - one of which is associated with the previous "slave" doll Arnie Wesker. It turns out that the psychopath, who "has committed a few dozen murders" could sometimes "to show to the other person at least a modicum of kindness," thereby showing that "in his unfortunate split consciousness still remained something of a man"...

- We, of course, strange company, to be sure. But if you are then you're one of us.

- Thank you, Arnie. I will never forget.

the Idea, of course, is the sinister underworld of Gotham city, of course, does not justify. But... Why not. We are all a little crazy.

besides Harley Quinn lot never.

the Cover of the comic "Batman: Detective comics. Kind of a family"

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