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In Kazan fighter Regardie was arrested on suspicion of murder of the student

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 06.09.2018 at 12:25

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

Collage: "Area Law"

the Soviet district court of Kazan have arrested a 28-year-old employee of Regardie Marat Sahapov until November 1. He is suspected of killing 21-year-old student Elnara Karahanova.

the Tragedy occurred on the night of 1 September in Kazan. According to investigators, 28-year-old Marat Sakhapov first beat the girl and then threw her off the balcony of the sixth floor of the house.

the Elnara Karahanova buried in a closed coffin. At the hearing Sakhapov not denied that he struck Karahanova in the ill-fated night.

According to the investigation, in 2012 on home violence Sahapov complained his ex-wife, but then withdrew his statement to law enforcement authorities.

it Also became known that the Elnara karakhanova in January 2018 were treated in hospital in connection with injuries and bruises, according to her friends, was caused Saharovym.

the"Area Law"

human rights Defenders representing the interests of the parents of the deceased student, in the course of the investigation going to figure out how Sakhapov certified and psychological tests in law enforcement bodies.

According to preliminary data, a soldier of Regardie beat student out of jealousy. The sister of the deceased Camille Abzalov says karakhanova was not involved in the relationship with the arrested cops.

— they had no relationship — they just talked and I together do not live, Elnara lived with us, her sisters, says Camille. But he hit her before, even kicked in the face, we have documents from the hospital where sister treated. Before her death, she was also very badly beaten, this confirms the conclusion from the morgue.

On a question of the correspondent of "VK", for what reasons the OMON Sakhapov attacked and beat her sister if nothing happened between them, Camille said, "I don't know, he's probably just sick." And in response to the question of why the battered woman did not go to the police, suggested that Elnara was afraid his tormentor, who also serves in law enforcement. How the night of September 1 student was in a rented apartment aggressive friend, relatives can not explain.

As found "Evening Kazan" detained immediately after the tragedy Marat Sakhapov still remains in the ranks of the Riot police (which is now a division of Regardie), although it is no secret that the security forces love to dismiss the guilty employees retroactively. As the correspondent of "VK" in a press-service of Management of Regardie on RT as the fault of an employee in the crime has not been proved and he is not even charged with, grounds for dismissal, no.

"Evening Kazan", September 5