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A win-win proposition

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow 07.09.2018 at 08:00

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow

On 5 October this year, the Studio will celebrate our 23rd birthday. Party for all present and former employees of the Studio and guests. Usually our party is visited by 500-700 people.

Since last year, the PD is our main party. And last year, the OTHER Studio is not just a party, and the most important exhibition of achievements in the field of entertainment and technology.

Our guests are the most important and influential people in the field of design, advertising and PR. As well as our clients, which needs no introduction. We have to entertain, feed, drink and entertain again.

this October we traditionally invite those who create new technology or a new product, which already can be shown. New gadgets, new technologies, new products, new ways of interaction - we all wonder.

Show new and interesting to those for whom it matters most.

If you:

- Creating new technology or a new product, which already it is possible to show

you Know how to entertain the people who saw all

you Know how to entertain office plankton (dudes like me)

- Want to give us 100 bottles of strong alcohol (or 200 bottles of wine, 500 Beers)

- pizza


- street food

- etc.

Offer you to offer their entertainment services bupivacaine at

Instead of nice we gonna get a picture of your skill and publish a story about it with a link or other contact information at the special page about the party on the Studio website. This information is always published on our website, it will see tens of thousands of people. Judging by the fact that many providers of entertainment and technology come to us regularly, it's profitable. See:

two years ago:

- in the past year:

This kind of offer only happens once a year. Not proibite chance.

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