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Became known the winner of the Russian stage of the competition James Dyson Award the 2018 retail and distribution 08.09.2018 at 13:40

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2018 the James Dyson Award is an international competition in the field of engineering planning and design. This year on the Russian national stage of the contest won a student MSTU named N. E. Bauman Tatiana Okhapkina, which introduced an automated system, Drop Box for storage if there is insufficient free space. The solution consists of boxes with lights that are installed under the ceiling and can be automatically lowered and raised on telescopic lifts.

the Problem of storage in small living spaces are currently very popular. According to statistics, the area of apartments in the Russian new buildings has declined by more than 25% between 2012 and 2016. Often, such small-sized housing to buy young families. Due to lack of space people often have overflowing wardrobes, block the aisles and move to the garage that does not fit in the apartment. As a result, the house is almost no free space, and living there becomes uncomfortable. The author of the project noticed that many people are faced with such problems, and it inspired her invention.

the storage System Drop Box equipped with telescopic lifts that lowered and raised the box by means of winches and motors. The main technical difficulty was in fixing the boxes on the ceiling. Electronic locks do well with this task, but during a power outage the box will fall down. So Tatiana has developed a mechanical lock which can be opened using the button on the box, remote control or mobile app. The latter will also allow you to create a catalog of items, and as a result finding the right object will be simple and convenient. In addition, Drop Box equipped with lamps with lenses. Their number, as well as the size and number of boxes can be selected during system installation. Thus, the invention not only makes it easier to store things, but also illuminates the room, blends harmoniously into any modern interior. Further details about the project available in the video on the link.

"In small apartments on the account every inch of usable area, so they so it is important to correctly place all the necessary things. I took to resolve this problem, and I had the idea to raise them on the ceiling, creating an automated storage system with a catalog in the mobile app. Below every thing was recorded and will not lost," said the winner.