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Roof Peter

Page Virtual Travelers 07.09.2018 at 07:43

Page Virtual Travelers -

When people ask me: who do you think is the coolest photographers of Russia, I called a few names. Basically it is photographers - pazanti as I do, but among them there are single reportant - Alexander Petrosyan from St. Petersburg.

Sasha - a brilliant photographer who manages to combine in a single frame is absolutely incompatible objects. If you haven't subscribed to his Instagram, then quickly corrected @petrosphotos.

Yesterday Sasha took me on the roofs of Peter and I saw the city from the other side completely. No, we are not running away from Chopovtsev - Sasha people everywhere who open his roof and even bring chairs and champagne when he looks. It was a very cool experience to see the Master at work. I now have some very cool cards Peter. Soon I will show the rest.

two weeks later, Sasha will conduct a three-day master class in St. Petersburg, so that you have the opportunity, as I had to walk with Sasha and learn to catch the footage. All the details in his account or on the website:

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