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Became known to all the winners of the "Kinoshock"

Full tape of POLIT.RU 08.09.2018 at 19:00

Full tape POLIT.RU

In Anapa hosted the closing ceremony of the XXVII festival "Kinoshok". The results of the festival are:

Special prize "Lady Luck" in the name of Paul Luspekaeva "For courage and dignity in the profession"

awarded actress Larissa Kadochnikova.

feature films

Special Grand Jury diploma "For solicitous attitude to national traditions", the movie "Baigal" (Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, directed by Ildar Yagafarov)

the Prize for best music for a feature film – the film "Night accident" (Kyrgyzstan, Director Mr. Birnazarov) is a composer actively Ozubekov

the Prize for best actor in a feature film – Vladimir Tolokonnikova (posthumously). The film "the Grandfather" (Russia, directed by Aleksey Shemes)

the Prize for best actress in a feature film – Narine Grigoryan. The film "Eva" (Armenia, Iran, directed by anahid Abad)

the Prize. A. Knyazhinsky for best cinematography in a feature film – the film "Night accident" (Kyrgyzstan, Director Mr. Birnazarov) – operator Kabylian Khamidov

the Prize for best screenplay in a feature film – the film "Manabe" (Kyrgyzstan, Director Taalaibek of Kolondaev) – script writers, Casat Akmatov, Taalaibek of Kolondaev

the Prize for best Director in a feature film – the film "the Grandfather" (Russia, directed by Aleksey Shemes).

the Main prize of the festival "Golden Vine" for best feature film – the film "Manabe" (Kyrgyzstan, Director Taalaibek of Kolondaev, producers, Farhad Bekmanbetov, Taalaibek of Colindeep).

the press award to them.And.Shilova - the film "the Grandfather" (Russia, directed by Aleksey Shemes).

Grand Jury:

Elyor ishmuhamedov - film Director, screenwriter (the Chairman); Olga Kabo is an actress of theater and cinema; Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan – Director of photography (Armenia); Cora Tsereteli, journalist, film critic, film critic. Underground prizes "Kinoshock"

the Underground Committee presented them to the Director Aleksey Shemes for the film "the Grandfather" and Director Ildar Yagafarov for the film "Baigal".

the documentary Competition

jury Diploma "for the discovery of the natural world of Kamchatka" - a camera team of the film "the Bears of Kamchatka. The beginning of life" (Russia, directed by Irina Zhuravleva, Vladislav Grishin)

jury Diploma "For fearless understanding of important social issues" - the movie "is Not a woman's burden" (Kyrgyzstan, Director of Toktobek Usanov)

the jury Prize for best documentary – film "Studio" (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Director Sergei Karandashov).

the Jury of the contest documentary:

Vladimir Eisner – documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, producer (Chairman); Temin Tuaeva – Director, producer; Catherine Smut – Director, producer, teacher, writer. Short film competition

Special Jury prize of the short film Competition – "For a vivid artistic embodiment of the theme of love for cinema" the film "the Cinephile" (Kyrgyzstan) – Director Askar uulu Noracon

Special prize of the Jury of short films Competition "For an impressive embodiment of the topical problems of modern teenagers on the screen," the movie "Video of Marat" (Kazakhstan) – Director Alimzhan Kudabaev

the Main prize best short film – "Journey to Paris" (Russia) – Director Maria Polyakova.

the Jury of the short film competition:

Alexander Galibin – actor and theatre and film Director, broadcaster, educator (President); Irina Pavlova – film critic, film critic, art Director of the Russian programs of MIFF; Vadim Alisov is the Director of photography. The competition of television films "TV-SHOCK". The winner is determined by viewers voting place – "a Decent family rent a room" (Russia, Director Elena Yakovleva) place – "arena of murder" (Russia, Director Dmitry Averin) place – Galina (Russia, Director Eduard Palmov) Competition of children's movies "Kinomaniak". Assesses children's jury

the Main prize was given to film "In good conscience", Director Evgeny Sergeev (Russia). The prize for best actor Artem Vengerovich, the film "tum-Pabi-Dum", Director Vyacheslav Nikiforov (Belarus). The prize for best actress Darya Chistyakova, "the Escape and the Vikings", directed by Ilya Bialystok (Russia).

the XXVII festival "Kinoshock" held in Anapa from September 2.

Open film festival "Kinoshock" was established in 1992 with the aim to unite the filmmakers of the former Soviet republics and to prevent rupture of cultural ties. Several years ago, the festival focused on domestic regional cinema, but refused international format. This year the festival program included films of the countries of the Customs Union of the EEU, the festival hosted several film premieres.

Sergey Novozhilov and Irina Shevchuk awarded a special prize "Lady Luck" in the name of Paul Luspekaeva "For courage and dignity in the profession of"actress Larissa Kadochnikova. Photo by Natasha Chetverikova

the Prize for best male role in the film by Alexei Selesa "Grandfather" was awarded (posthumously) Vladimir Tolokonnikov. The prize of the father receives his son, actor Rodion Tolokonnikov. Photo by Natasha Chetverikova

the Prize for best Director Aleksey Shemes, the film "the Grandfather". Photo by Natasha Chetverikova

Actor Alexey Buldakov and Cossack. Photo By Natasha Chetverikova