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What happens if you Wake up volcanoes on Earth? :.: Article 08.09.2018 at 21:00 :.: Article

Currently, the planet has no active volcanoes. All of them are extinct or presumed (that is, suspended) are considered extinct. What would happen if they suddenly Wake up? Grand volcanoes many millions of years ago acted on the fourth planet from the Sun is Mars. According to some scholars, the simultaneous eruption of several volcanoes has led to the fact that on this planet, disaster struck — she has almost completely lost its atmosphere and water, changing the orbit. Affect the size of Martian volcanoes. It was impossible to compare with anything else in the Solar system. For example, the volcano Olympus is a fantastic education. Its height from the base is 21 km to 200 m. This is two times more than the height of the Earth's largest volcano Mauna Kea. The largest diameter of the Olympus (it is not quite round) — 540 km! The volcano of Mauna-Cavoto: There on Mars and other huge volcanoes. But it was not about them, and that astronomers a very long time it was believed that Venus has no volcanoes. Due to the extremely thick cloud cover in the telescopes wasn't able to see anything on the surface of that planet. It was assumed that it has oceans (where else could they clouds?) and similar to Earth. But launches to Venus spacecraft destroyed all expectations. On Venus because of the monstrous atmospheric pressure and very high temperature, all the landers lasted a few hours. Their metal skin could not withstand the strongest compression with simultaneous heating. The obtained pictures showed that the surface is strewn with rocks typical of volcanic origin. Turned out that on this planet there are gigantic volcanoes. And that they are "responsible" for the development process of Venus. Scanning the surface of Venus from orbit has allowed to map its height. At the same time, scientists have found that the second planet from the Sun a lot of volcanoes — there are more than 1700. Were identified and the highest volcano, which was given the name of mount Maat. Its size even more than the Martian Olympus is 22 km 500 m! The computer generated image of mount Maat. The vertical scale at 22.5 times more than horizontalidad: All volcanoes on Venus formed an exceptional way, which greatly distinguishes them from terrestrial volcanoes. Were invented special terms to refer to geological forms: new (deep radial cracks in the subsoil), arachnoid (partially sunken into the depths of very old volcanoes) and the crowns (high volcanic mountain ridges). If you think over the volcanoes of Mars and Venus, it is impossible not to notice two important features. The volcanoes of Mars "ripped" it to the atmosphere. And volcanoes of Venus made the atmosphere on this planet is very dense. The presence on Earth SUPERVOLCANO threatens her Mars or Venus scenario. Of course, if these volcanoes will begin to operate. Meanwhile, scientists anxiously watching American candidate in the field of end of the world for mankind. Talking about the Yellowstone volcano in the United States. Its peculiarity is that in the bowels of the national natural Park of the same name, is the accumulation of magma and it has already started to raise the surface of the Park. The volcano as if hidden in the depths, and lets you know about yourself geysers of superheated water. But he might explode. It will be a disaster not only for US but for a number of other States. The northeastern part of Yellowstone Caldera, you can see the Yellowstone river flowing through Hayden valley and the edge of the Caldera, Valetta: According to scientists, the SUPERVOLCANO were to explode a few thousand years ago, but for some reason this did not happen. However, if Yellowstone wakes up, it wakes the eruption and other volcanoes of the Earth. What is in store for the planet — an illustrative example in the form of Mars and Venus. ...

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