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Day at the Museum

Zadolba!whether 09.09.2018 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear, and let me ask: why do you go to stores that never buy? Here to what? And look at you askance because you mail-order, but primarily because you are pointlessly wasting other people's time.

I've been on all sides of the "fence". Yes, by chance comes in pricey boutiques. Well, went out immediately, looking at the price tag, because what will I do there? To peoplesavers and leave? To "be subject" is the Internet and magazines, admire, as much as you want. Go in, say, Bentley's saloon, where I definitely will not buy the car, and start to sort through there catalogs with upholstery seat even in a head did not come. Because there are things to do, you know.

Worked and seller. However, not in shmotochnym the store, but rather expensive products. Incredibly infuriated these "I just to look." Do not respond to them in any way — it is impossible, the boss stands out. Again, to make sure that nothing is missing. Time are "just looking" take a lot: all perempat, "a show Oh, but, maybe that's it," countless questions, pleas type "and you can call the manufacturer in Italy and ask whether they will produce the same, but with pearl buttons", etc. eventually, proudly are removed with the words: "Well, I need to think about the range have not, of course." Not Singapore, yeah. Why all this? The seller understands that you will not buy anything, you yourself know it, too. Who needs this circus? Ill amuse vanity, not otherwise. Can not buy, so at least play in the buyer.

what you don't like, so put yourself in the place of the seller: would you like to work for free? Most sellers are working for a percentage of sales. Your visit will not add a penny salary, only time will take away that could be spent on real buyers. And the time you always take much, much more than the one who came really to buy. Shop for you, apparently, a Museum with free guided tour.

by the Way, especially the "cute" everything is, when you're a third — party person who is willing to buy something, but I have to stand and wait, while the seller entertains "just looking". Not just personally, I went, not waiting until such as you behold. And the seller can understand, can not you send, and time wasting too.

In General, find themselves already some other entertainment, not zadalbyvaet people and not zadalbyvaet themselves.