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Southern interest. Vladimir Bekish, on the law of Russian life

Radio Liberty 11.09.2018 at 05:30

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

Many Russians confidently proud of the fact that Russia today – the guardian of peace, protector of the people and fighter against terrorism. The most glaring example is Syria. If not for Russian bombs and missiles, who knows what would have happened to the "legally elected" President al-Assad of Syria? With Syrian oil. The Syrian opposition, ISIS, Iranians, Kurds... it is Clear that there are, there are people who say: the Syrian story is not only a fight against terrorists. And not so much the struggle with terrorists, as an ordinary civil war, what was and will be there a lot. And in this civil war in a foreign country, Russia was on the side of one of the parties (pardon the tautology). To force all sorts of different interests. Perhaps of interest is not "all sorts" of people. And at the same time there are people who try to draw analogies of the Syrian war and the Afghan war of the late twentieth century. Accordingly, the role of Russia (or the Soviet Union in those times) in this and the other wars. But this role was that of the Soviet Union, " accordance with article 51 of the UN Charter and at the request of a legitimately elected government of Afghanistan" tried to preserve the power of the then regime against its own people. Spent the Soviet Union then God knows how much money, according to official data, more than 15 thousand dead Soviet soldiers and officers and, eventually, crawled out of Afghanistan. With nothing. Well, okay. It was a long time, and the analogy here in modern Russia, is misplaced. But here's the story: there is in the world a country called Yemen, which a few years is a quite a violent internal armed conflict on religious grounds. Not so long ago (probably on the basis of the outstanding role of Russia in the civil war in Syria) some political and military figures from the Yemen made an appeal to President Putin to intervene in the situation in their country. That is, put simply, to send troops, advisors, the PMC on the side of one of the warring factions. Let's not pretend: in Yemen, there is a conventional civil war. For the possession of the country. Its resources. Money, power, territory. And I think that waiting for the great peacekeeping mission of Russia in Yemen, there are not so long... of Course, it is not necessary to conduct all sorts of inappropriate analogies between these stories. Well, the USSR participated in the civil war in Afghanistan. So it was with good intentions! And in the Syrian civil war, Russia, too, because on one side against the other side is not just fighting. In the civil war in Yemen, if you have to participate, then also there are certainly a noble goal. With one against the other to fight. Money to spend. People to lose. Maybe it's just some weird law of existence of the Russian people: to take part in foreign civil wars? In Libya for several years there is a civil war for control of the country, resources, territory. And here is one of the warring parties, headed by field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, a hardened fighter for own interests, appealed to Russia with a request for assistance in a noble cause – to clear Libya of all unwanted Haftarot and take the country under control. And as-that so has turned out that Russia already supplies weapons to the Haftarot, and the fighters it trains and treats the wounded in their hospitals... Well, in short, are quite busily involved in the civil war in Libya – one of the parties. How it will end? Strongly suggest that the same things always. It will have in the end Russia to wipe and get out of Libya. Again. As removed in time from Libya, the Soviet Union, who confidently supported the Gaddafi regime with arms, money, advisers... In the end left with nothing and debts forgiven. Or, say, a country like the Central African Republic. That recently we are hearing, because they killed Russian journalists died as a result of strange stories, and generally it turns out a lot of strange, and again there is "strange" – Russia. As it turns out, in the CAR in fact – the civil war. Whether already in full swing, it begins... in a word, there is a large paramilitary groups, who are fighting with the government ("legally elected"). It turns out that Russia is already not the first month of supplies in the CARS and weapons, and "...assist in the protection and conservation of the legitimately elected President of the country." And it seems to be Russian PMCs in the CAR noticed, and even advisers and military instructors there "...legally, at the request of the legitimately elected government". And, of course, we can imagine what the outcome in the end to Russia's military assistance to the "legitimate elected government" of the CAR. Something tells me that a lot of variety, compared to other cases "assistance" and "aid", this case will not differ. And here's the question: maybe it's just some weird law of existence of the Russian people? To take part in foreign civil wars, to spend money and resources, having lost their citizens, protecting the interests of others, to get out and with nothing? Because the memory POPs up and something else. Here, for example, in Angola in the 70-ies of the last century a civil war broke out. What? Who stood on the side of one of the belligerents (sorry for tautology)? Got up tanks, ammunition, which were delivered from the USSR in Angola? Advisors? Money? The Soviet Union! And what the outcome of the Angolan history of the USSR and its successor Russia? Nothing. Wiped away, forgiven hundreds of millions in debt and credit, and without getting anything in return, get out. Or not very far from Angola Mozambique: is also a civil war that lasted 16 years. And also the Soviet weapons, equipment, ammunition, advisors... the Result? Mozambique thanked Russia for decommissioning in 2017, 90% of the debts... of Course, you can say that all these stories are pure coincidence. Accident. It may very well be. However, if you look really deep into history – say, in the 30-ies of the last century, that we come across in Spain, where in 1936 the civil war began. And as it so happened, that on the side of one of the parties (excuse for a tautology) in this civil war are desperately fighting the Soviet Union. And not just supply the weapons and ammunition, but it fought in Spain went thousands of "volunteers", and now refer to as a certain category of Russian citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk. And the end? Right. This beautiful song "triangle". Vladimir Bekish is an expert in the field of strategic security, Expressed in category "Blogs" the views do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher