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Scientists have discovered how a person experiences the sense of beauty

Meedik 03.09.2018 at 21:02

The Intern health magazine

The Sense of beauty — it is this ability that allows you to fill your life with feelings of universal significance. This condition encourages people to work harder, to create and to survive. Love at first sight is accompanied by various feelings that include euphoria. About it reports The Daily Mail. This feeling triggered when a man saw a beautiful woman or man. Scientists from scientists at new York University conducted a special study. They reported that the person to capture something beautiful and unique, you will need only 1 second. At the moment there is a powerful dose of pleasure.

If a person will clearly understand the sense of beauty will get more fun. In this process involved the cerebral cortex. It is important to note that the person to fix something magnificent (for example, the lovely man), it is necessary to focus on a specific object. Recently, scientists conducted a special study. Group participants held different activities to distract them. Then people were introduced to something great. The participants of the experiment were poorly impressed by the beauty of the object. When they were not distracted by other things, then the beauty of them touched much.

in addition, the scientists analyzed a large number of descriptions of beauty in literature and philosophical writings. The study began with Plato and ended with the psychologist Gustav Fechner. It turned out that every year has changed the idea of beauty. Was also conditional constants. Very often they are tied to beneficial properties. For example, sexy women bending angle of the back is 45 degrees. Because of this it is easier for women to walk while carrying a child.