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Can citizens of SG to enter into a marriage contract

Legal advice 11.09.2018 at 17:40

Legal advice


"marriage contract", the centuries: in Roman and

Byzantine law, marriage was a contractual basis, and the forms of Commission

marriage is practically no different from committing civil transactions. [Newline] Russia the concept of "marriage contract" was mentioned in the XV century. Most often,

this Treaty was signed by the parents of the bride and groom and provides

a penalty or a Deposit. In the Soviet period was assigned to the legal regime

joint ownership acquired by the spouses during the marriage

property. The Institute of the marriage contract in the Soviet law was absent.

the Date of his return in our life in Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet

Union, is considered to be 1 January 1995, when he joined in the action part of

the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The document established the right of spouses

to establish a contractual regime of property of spouses. The family code of the Russian Federation,

entered into force on 1 March 1996, elaborated the norm by typing

the concept of "marriage contract".

since that time, the attitude of Russians to the

marriage contract has changed significantly. As told to "Union" the lawyer

"inter-Republican bar Association of Moscow" Vadim Demchenko,

today it is no longer perceived as a sure sign of an arranged marriage.

on the Contrary, a growing number of citizens see it as an effective tool,

first of all which regulates property relationships and prevents

many of the arguments that happen in marriage.

- Statistics

given the Federal notary chamber, suggests that the

every year a marriage contract in Russia is becoming more

popular. So, in 2015, there were more than 46 thousand

marriage contracts in 2016 - 72 thousand, in 2017 the number of marriage

contracts exceeded 88 thousand, - said Vadim Demchenko. In 2018

the trend continues. So, many notaries say multiple growth

number of certified agreements in order to obtain one of the spouses

mortgage loan. In the document, in particular, is clearly defined as

will be decided the fate of debt in the event of divorce, clarifies other issues,

associated with the repayment of the mortgage loan.