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Aleksey Anisimov said: "we will Continue to cooperate with the judges of the Premier League"

News of the KHL 05.09.2018 at 13:15

Yesterday, the leadership of the Department of refereeing KHL visited the training camp of the judges of the Premier League, which take place in the Moscow suburb of Kratovo. This was a return visit – at the last training camp of the judges of the CHL was one of the most experienced football referees, head of the Department of refereeing and inspection RFU Alexander Egorov.

how was the meeting, said the chief referee of the KHL Alexei Anisimov.

- the Meeting was very fruitful and we exchanged experiences, learned about the specifics of the training of football referees, in turn, has told about how preparing for the season in the KHL. We got to see which regulations pass our football colleagues, the conditions in which I train. At the meeting were all the referees of the Premier League. At the end we can say that we agreed on further cooperation on the promotion of the status of professional judges, no matter what game of sports. Agreed on further joint steps, colleagues invited us to the football.

- What are the similarities noted in the work of the football and hockey judges?

- And they have, and we have a lot of attention is paid to the analysis of the moments after the match. In this sense, the approach is General. Also carefully dismantled the controversial moments with the most modern technologies, and the judges receive recommendations for the future. There is definitely a difference in the density matches. Judge of the Premier League holds a maximum of four games per month, our top judges from September 1 to September 20 can serve up to 8 games. In this regard, there are, of course, features of training, including physical. But in General, the requirements are identical.

- as for the rules of the game – what the judge has to remember more information?

- it's not about the amount, perhaps, in football it is less than hockey, much more important here the application of rules to specific cases. And here we are in absolutely equal conditions.

- How you consider, how long a judge of the KHL with proper effort will be able to work out at a football match?

- Interesting question. Of course, he must pass basic training on the rules, learn the materiel, but in terms of "physics" it will be easy, won't have to take tests in skating. If to speak about the reverse situation – I have no doubt that many football judges know how good skating. Another thing – the specifics of physical preparation due to the features of the game. In football, guys are more lightweight and lean. We have almost no such.

- the Referees of the Premier League follow the matches of the KHL?

- Yes, of course. We are for them and they for us. Moreover, after the games regularly communicate, exchange opinions, and say what we liked, what is not. In short, agreed that dealing will continue, we will be happy to go to football, perhaps in the future we will try to do a joint session with colleagues to ensure that top judges of the two sports were able to meet and mingle.