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Omark are chasing 300th point in the NHL. Preview matches 6 Sep

News of the KHL 06.09.2018 at 06:00

Will Issue the "Motorist" first winning streak?

"the Motorist" (Ekaterinburg) – "Slovan" (Bratislava) (beginning at 17:00 GMT)

Hockey players "the Motorist" started the season with victories over Riga "Dinamo" (4:2) and CSKA Moscow (3:1). In the game, "CSKA" wonder-goal could forward Alexander Kucheryavenko, the next point scored will be his 200th in the NHL.

the Coach of Yekaterinburg Andrey Martemyanov criticized striker Stephan Da Costa, accusing the Frenchman in "replay". Returned goalkeeper Jakub kovari, who missed the first match of the season because of illness.

so far failed to win the first victory in coach "Slovan" Vladimir Orsagh. In two games the eagles have managed to score only one goal with eight goals. Keeps the trust of the coaching staff goalkeeper Marek Celiac reflecting to 84.9% of the shots.

"Slovan" - a difficult opponent for the "Motorist" in 11 meetings at Ekaterinburg four victories.

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Meeting of the Gagarin Cup finalists - 2016

"the Metallurgist" (Magnitogorsk) – "CSKA" (Moscow) (start at 17:00 GMT)

In the last match "the Metallurgist" has unexpectedly conceded houses Riga "Dinamo" (1:2). Head coach Joseph Andac expressed dissatisfaction with the play – not only his team failed to convert a single attempt, but missed the attack on their goal. In the next meeting forward Vladislav Kaletnik will overcome the mark of 200 games in the regular championship KHL.

CSKA arrives in Magnitogorsk after a failed voyage to Ekaterinburg (1:3). Until the third period, the game with the "Motorist" was equal, but in the end the "soldiers" have surrendered under the pressure of the opponents. Made his debut in the club's Danish striker Yannick Hansen, who spent on the ice a little more than ten minutes. Igor Nikitin explained playing time freshman need to gradually get in shape.

last season, "metallurg" and CSKA exchanged victories – 2:7, 4:1. In clubs there are still a lot of players who remember well the final series of the Gagarin Cup - 2016 (4-3).

Stream: KHL TV HD, Match TV (16:50)

whether Umark Extend scoring streak to 10 matches?

"the locomotive" (Yaroslavl) – "Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) (19:30 GMT)

the Yaroslavl hockey players after defeat from "Avant-garde" (0:4) vented anger at the "Siberia", won with a score 5:0. Issued the first "biscuit" for "the locomotive" goalkeeper Alexander Salak, has reflected 17 throws. Missed the game, ill defender Staffan Kronwall, the first goal in the KHL has thrown the young forward Nikolai Kovalenko.

"Salavat" the day before yesterday made a real blockbuster with "Severstal" (5:4), where the goals were bright and strong-willed jerks from both teams. Reached nine matches scoring series Linus Odarka, the next point will be his 300th in the NHL. Forward Dmitry Kugryshev are close to the strap 200 points, the defender Serhiy Tereshchenko on the doorstep of his 400 th League match.

Of the 17 face-to-face meetings "the Locomotive" and "Salavat" with the Yaroslavl remained eight last season, the clubs traded home wins (3:2, 2:3).

Stream: KHL TV (19:20)

Continue Avangard to destroy rivals?

"Severstal" (Cherepovets) – "Avangard" (Omsk region) (beginning at 19:30 GMT)

"Severstal" has conceded "to Salavat Yulaev" (4:5), although it was 27 seconds from victory. Head coach Alexander Gulyavtsev called the defeat of the offensive, but did not blame the players.

, is still serving suspension striker Matej Stransky, he was left to hold on to the podium one match. Are in the infirmary defensemen Maxim Verevkin and Valery Vasiliev.

"vanguard" sorgudan started the season, winning strong "locomotive" (4:0) and Moscow "Dynamo" (5:1). Gate "hawks" defended Igor Bobkov, experienced Alexei Murygin only got three minutes at the end of the games in Moscow. The forward Ansel Galimov and Ilya Mikheev on account of three points after two matches. Continues to be on the bench forward Semyon Koshelev, last season conducted on ice for more than 15 minutes per game.

"vanguard" Gromit "Dinamo", CSKA inferior in the Urals. The review of matches 4 Sep 4 Sep

Severstal lost their last six meetings with the "Avant-garde". Last home win of Almaz are on the "hawks" dated 2011.

Stream: KHL TV HD (19:20)

Vorobev and Vladimir yurzinov will fight for first win of season

"HC Dynamo Moscow" (Moscow) – "Siberia" (Novosibirsk) (beginning at 19:30 GMT)

Despite the powerful summer gain, the Moscow "Dynamo" started with a defeat "Salavat Yulaev" (2:3) and "Avant-garde" (1:5), the second game was especially painful. The only goal in gate "Avant-garde" was recorded at his own expense Andrey Alexeev, whose successful series has reached three matches. The next goal of the defender Ilya Nikulin will be the veteran of 100-m in the KHL.

"Siberia" also suffered two setbacks at the start of the championship, having conceded "Severstal" (2:3) and "the locomotive" (0:5). According to Vladimir yurzinov, Jr., the newcomers have not yet realized how serious the level of competition in the KHL.

"Siberia" could not beat "Dynamo" for the past seven matches. In Moscow, the Novosibirsk club last won Oct 16, 2012 (3:2), in the main time – February 25, 2009 (4:3).