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The world turned upside down – the intrigue in the NHL is off the charts!

News of the KHL 06.09.2018 at 10:00

CHL started very cool. The first five days turned out amazing. How many sensational, what a plot. It's nice to see!

"vanguard" Gromit "locomotive" (4:0) and Moscow "Dynamo" (5:1). No surprise that there is victory at the Omsk club. There is a surprise that such a large expense.

on Wednesday, the leaders of the Western conference has beaten "Severstal", scored three points out of four. Thursday overtook her, perching on the first place, "Spartacus" and "Vityaz". They never lost anything. Hey, what the hell is happening!

36 seconds that shook the world – "torpedo" changed the course of the match with SKA won in regular time (4:3). While everyone was rubbing her eyes, "Motorist" in the next day thundered the Almighty CSKA (3:1). Podolsk quietly wins the "AK bars" (5:3). Riga "Dinamo" deals with "Magnitogorsk" (2:1). The world turned upside down! Right were those who said – the CHL will be the most unpredictable in history. Why? Let's think.

first, the League switched to a two-point coordinate system. The distance between the teams in the table narrowed. No longer seems to be such that some clubs will fly into the gap, killing all the suspense. If you win, you are guaranteed to get the two points for a win. Not two instead of three, if we delay the match to overtime or shootout. Value now two points above, and each victory may well put you in the table.

the KHL is not the first year goes towards reducing teams. The League left the "Ugra" and "Lada" - view, direct competition for a place in the KHL is higher, the quality of the composition increases. Not even the most powerful clubs now have more choice of whom to call to his team on the contracts.

by the Way, wages have stagnated. "The players are top class as was claimed, and left. Another question – with those who are below average. Who quickly signed contracts for less money – oriented, they're at work. What they proposed, then agreed. Others are sitting idle – waiting for more significant contracts, remembering years gone by, he told me the ex-General Manager of "Salavat Yulaev", the expert Leonid vaysfel'd. But it is unlikely after pre-season team leaders to radically revise compositions. When you have five or six sentences, you can choose. And when they are not, we must take what is given. If I want to play".

more generally, it reduces the KHL salary cap. Even SKA, and it's no secret, with its great possibilities began to adjust to the limit that the championship 2020/2021 will be hard (900 million) rubles, and it cannot be exceeded.

If not to reconstruct now, then it will be very hard. I'm not going to speculate on the size of the salaries of players is in our League until a closed issue. But believe me that SKA pay no more than some of the other KHL clubs. Peter takes through the infrastructure, create the ideal conditions for work. It's like have a regular office in a building type of "grandma's chest", and have an office of some Corporation, where you instead of sitting of sitting at a Desk, walking on the green lawn in white shorts, reflecting on the projects, and you are running behind with a tray and shouted back: "would you like some coffee with croissants to eat?"

So, infrastructure is improving in the NHL, Peter even intends to create the largest ice hockey stadium in the world for 22 thousand spectators. CSKA now lives on the main hockey arena Moscow, house warming soon the Moscow "Dynamo" in a few years will be rebuilt and "Motorist"...

Great hockey starts with a good stadium. When there is such a house, and the team can build a strong. And the more teams, the higher the competition. This is also a factor.

There are other circumstances. For example, some coaches of the most famous clubs choose the tactics that the season should start on Vysotsky: "I'm ten thousand rushed as five hundred." To give the start, try to gain points, protect yourself from the imminent layoffs – and during the November window for the residents to relax and rejuvenate. But given the fact that every club will now spend 62 per match in the regular season, such tactics can and sintered.

So the main thing is that the participants of the KHL becomes more uniform. Hence sensation, which we will soon even start to get used to.