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Arturs Kulda: "I do not like to fight, but never give up"

News of the KHL 06.09.2018 at 15:00

Latvian defender, on the eve of the championship signed a contract with "Severally" - about what it's like to prepare for the season yourself, about working with Mike Keenan and the features of Chinese road traffic, fights and many other things.

the 30-year-old defender started his last season in the "Kunlun Red star", but now prefers not to remember this period in his career. Chinese club lost a chance, n the playoffs, and Kulda left to finish the season in Prague "Sparta", which still participated in the games on the flight. It is clear that an experienced player defense will be back in the KHL, but the time passed and the Islamic state remained without a contract. And only on August 27, four days before the start of the championship the defender signed an agreement with Severstal.

"Without a contract unpleasant, but not scary,"

- We saw you at the tournament in Riga is just a couple of days before signing the contract. And yet in the summer you were without a club. Tell me, is it scary?

- not Unpleasant, but not terrible. I was confident, I was sure that my services to someone need. Just had to wait. Not for the first time, by the way.

- a Couple of years ago, you also delayed the signing of the contract.

- Yes, "Jokerit" joined only in October. But you remember the fact that the situation with my health. Sitting on the couch at home, suddenly the phone calls started. Like, what's wrong with you, what about your career? It turns out that the head coach of the national team of Latvia Alexander belyaevskiy said that I have some health problems that are not compatible with hockey.

- is it true?

- No, of course. There was some misunderstanding on the part of the coach, and from the press. The damage was, but not so serious. In the end, partly that story I may have damaged, since I'm only in October found a job.

- it seems to Me that to train yourself very hard. Especially if you know that your services can and not be necessary.

- But I believed I would find the club, so with the motivation I have had no problems.

"to Train one or with the team – it doesn't matter"

- I tried to train. On the second day I thought: why not to sleep and stay home. Left, of course.

- a Completely different situation. I have not had any problems with the fact that this is not the first summer that I trained myself. I have a coach, which I have been doing, we all worked. We strictly follow the program correctly distribute the load.

- Many coaches don't believe in individual training of players in the NHL. Peteris Skudra was in the hotel with players from other teams, and those not particularly prepared for the season. You show that you can own to prepare. And you are not alone. I can a dozen famous players to name who missed the charges and then had a good season. The question arises: do we need so much training?

- And I have no problems with the fittings. I think this depends on the people. I can be with the team in the summer, and can one. This does not affect my readiness. All depends on attitude. Fees - it's not only physical preparation, but also the opportunity to get used to each other.

But in the "Jokerit" you spent a season 2016/2017 with no fees, and then never struck the wrong gate. I understand what you advocate, but always at least one or two scored.

- And in that season scored.

- I look at the statistics – no.

- that's right, in the statistics there. But was goal for Jokerit against Slovan. However, Milos Rzhiga took a coaching request for offside, referees fifteen minutes looked and still saw the offside. Was the washer for the Latvian team. For some reason it recorded at the expense of Kaspars Daugavins, and I'm still puzzled why it happened. So let the statistics I have no goals, but I know that they were.

"In China seems to all go, anyhow,"

- the Year you spent in China. Would like to live there?

Well, what does it mean to live? Join us for the entire season came wife, girl, and they lived there. For all problems, which, of course, is in China, we have created the most comfortable conditions. In Shanghai is not as able as in Beijing, if you know about it. We had no problems neither with food nor with some other things.

- There is smoke everywhere.

- get used To it.

- Is something that you were never able to get used to?

- the Fact that the Chinese do not respect personal space. It was the most difficult. But otherwise – no problems.

- the Most scary videos in China about the accident?

- yeah, they have chaos on the roads. The first time I think that there are no rules, all go, anyhow. But then you realize that still there are certain rules, and they complied. But from the outside it looks very funny.

Not so much to drive?

- No. But I China I took a few laps on the "Tesla". Just tested this car. However, to use constantly, the car is not wanted.

- the famous electric car. Buy a in Latvia?

- I really liked the car, it is clean, fairly powerful. But you have to have a house with a separate power outlet for charging. While we in Latvia do not is a network of Electrozariad. But I am sure that such cars are the future.

"Working with Keenan vast experience"

- I don't want to talk about the sports results of the Chinese club. What did you know about Mike Keenan, with whom he worked early in the season.

- Work with Mike – a great experience. He won a lot in my life, and myself working together is a gift. But let's really not going to remember the season at the Chinese club? Was passed. But I note that in the pre-season matches, nothing foretold such.

- You even went to play in the Czech Republic.

So, the season ended in late January. What to do? Rest? I talked to management and they let me go to the Czech Republic. The contrast is huge. After all of these distances I am actually from Prague never left. Yes, had there not many matches, but sleep at home after the away game – it was a bit unusual.

- the Chinese did not call back?

- we Parted normally. My agent about something talked with the club, but apparently did not come to a consensus.

- Last season you began with a spectacular fight. Your fight in early August a Novel by Abrosimova turned out beautiful.

- yeah, I even revised. Common. In fact, he only looked spectacular. No one no one got. At least for myself, I just say you didn't.

- And yet somehow you were involved in a truly massive fight against CSKA. When Artem Blazhievskii tossed between pairs of fighters, not knowing where to perch oneself.

It was the last match of the regular season. I remember that we then had a long fun fight, with each other sent video, photos. I do particularly do not like to fight, but never give up. However, after returning from North America fights occur much less frequently. In the AHL it was more familiar.

- have You already played the first game for Severstal and was on the ice when the city's residents scored both times. With the first goal everything is clear and one is yours?

- was my fault, what is there to hide. Too deep down. But the upside is still there, because we won. And I realized that we are in great shape. Quietly suffered that played a lot, had no problems, so I look forward with optimism.


Arturs Kulda

was Born on 25 July in Leipzig (Germany)

Career: prism (Riga) – 2003-04. CSKA (Moscow) – 2004-06 gg, "Peterborough" (the OHL) – 2006-08., "Chicago Wolfs" (AHL) – 2008-11., "Atlanta Trashers" (NHL) – 2009-11, "the Winnipeg jets" (NHL) 2011-12, "Saint John ice KEPS" - 2011-12. "Siberia" (Novosibirsk) – 2012-13, "Salavat Yulaev" - 2013-15. "Jokerit" (Helsinki) – 2015-17 years, "Kunlun star Red" (Beijing) – 2017-18. "Sparta" (Prague) – 2018, "Severstal" (Cherepovets) – 2018 – present

Achievements: Cup winner Calder