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In memory of the "Locomotive"... Preview matches on 7 September.

News of the KHL 07.09.2018 at 04:00

Helsinki will be new guests from the East

"Jokerit" (Helsinki) – "Admiral" (Vladivostok) (beginning at 18:30 GMT)

Finnish club started the season with victories over the "Kunlun" (6:3) and "Cupid" (3:1), and is now preparing to take a third person from the East. The leader of the scoring list of the club - the striker Pekka iormakka dynasty (1+3), two points (1+1) the assets of the beginner Carl Stollery. Continue scoring streak Jormakka and forwards Nicklas Jensen, numbering three and four matches respectively.

"Jokerit" and "Vityaz" took the lead in the West. Browse matches on 5 September,

"Admiral" arrived in Helsinki after Victoria in Sochi (5:4 B) and failure in the game against Spartak (1:3), "sailors" could have scored more than in Moscow, but the judges saw double-kick at goal.

After seven games with Jokerit in KHL hockey players from Vladivostok managed to get only one victory. In Helsinki "the Admiral" has not yet won.

Straighten "AK bars" the game after a bad start?

"AK bars" (Kazan) – "Barys" (Astana) (19:00 GMT)

the Reigning champion is hard rolled into the season – three games of "AK Bars only one victory. After the defeat of the "Vityaz" (3:5) players of Kazan team acknowledged that their game is far from perfect. Received a dose of criticism the goalkeeper Alexander Sharychenkov in, replaced the diseased Emil Garipova. Also in the infirmary Andrei Popov, Roman Manukhov and Alexander Suites. The next match will be the 300th in the League for a striker Vladimir Tkachev, forward Anton lander does not leave the ice without points for five games.

"Barys" not too well proved in the preseason tournaments, but in the first official match under the leadership of Andrew Skabelka defeated "Neftekhimik" (6:1). Returning to hockey Brandon Bochenski scored a goal pass. Effective series veteran club Roman Starchenko reached seven games.

the Last five meetings of the "AK Bars" and "Barys" ended in favor of the wards of Zinetula of Bilyaletdinov. The last victory of the Kazakhstan club in Kazan dated 2014.

Stream: KHL TV HD (18:50)

Nazarov and Dwyer will try to avoid a series of failures

"Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk) – "Dynamo" (Minsk) (19:00 GMT)

the Team of Andrey Nazarov started the season with two defeats with joint account 1:7. The head coach said that his players lost confidence, and so can not play. Unsuccessfully came on as a substitute in the match with "Barys" goalkeeper Andrey Makarov, reflecting only 78.6% of shots. Pavel Zdunov had overtaken the "dry" strip – forward is not gaining points for 27 games.

in Minsk "Dynamo" continues a series of failures that began in the offseason. In the game against "torpedo" (2:3) wards Gordie Dwyer lost the advantage in two washers. Scored first goal in the KHL forward of the Subject Pulkkinen.

In season 2017/18 "metallurg" and "Dynamo" have exchanged victories– 1:3, 4:1.

whether to Wait for new feats from the "torpedo"?

"HH torpedo" (Nizhni Novgorod) – "the hero" (Moscow region) (beginning at 19:00 GMT)

the "torpedo" in the championship-2018/2019 your style – first wards of David Nemirovsky concede two goals and then win a heroic victory. The coach joked that his players should try to score first. Good manifests itself Denis Parshin, who earned 3 (2+1) points in two games. For four matches leaves the court without glasses defender Yury Sergienko.

the world turned upside down – the intrigue in the NHL is off the charts!

"Vityaz" arrived in Nizhny Novgorod with a great mood, after defeating "Neftekhimik" (1:0) and "AK bars" (5:3). Recorded in the asset's first goal veteran striker Alexander Semin. Shows the class the Finnish goalkeeper Joni, Ortio reflecting 94.5% of shots. The next game will be the 400th in the NHL for defenseman Igor Golovkov's assistance.

last season "torpedo" double-beat "Vityaz" - 1:0, 2:1. The last victory of the Moscow team in Nizhny Novgorod happened in 2013.

whether to Keep the "Spartacus" winning move?

"Spartak" (Moscow) – "Kunlun Red star" (Beijing) (beginning at 19:30 GMT)

Red-white club recently traded for the "AK Bars" forward Yaroslav Kosov, but so far successfully cope without him, scoring nine goals in games with "Cupid" (6:3) and "Admiral" (3:1). Against Spartak defended Nikita Bespalov, rookie Julius hudacek while watching hockey from the bench.

"Kunlun mountains" in the summer under new coach and almost the entire composition, is not yet able to secure their first victory in the championship, losing to Helsinki and Sochi. Held the first games for the club of the Russian goalie Ivan Nalimov and Alexander Lazutin. Scored in every game defenseman Victor Bartley, who earlier was the typical "couch potato."

"Spartacus" and "Kunlun" have met in the NHL four times, dividing the points equally.

Stream: KHL TV (19:20)

"the Cupid" will try to win for the first time in Sochi

"HC Sochi" (Sochi) – "the Cupid" (Khabarovsk) (beginning at 19:30 GMT)

black sea club meeting with "Cupid" will conclude the home series, in which gained three points. In the game, "Kunlun" (2:1) winning point put forward Robert Rosen, whose goals became the first in KHL. Resulted in a series of striker Eric O'dell, the next match will be for the canadian 100-m in the regular championship.

"Cupid" started the season with the guest voyage, in which they scored points. Not the best way proved to the defensive line and the goalkeeper LIBOR Kashyk, missed nine goals in two games. Three games in a row does not leave the ice without points Czech defender Jan Kolar, defending the colors of "tiger" for the fourth year.

HC "Sochi" has never lost "to the Cupid" on the ice, winning all three home matches (6:4, 7:2, 2:1 B).