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Dmitry Chernyshenko: "the Revenues - more than 3 billion rubles, the League is in great shape"

News of the KHL 07.09.2018 at 11:50

The President of the KHL Dmitry Chernyshenko, and the members of the Board of Directors Gennady Velichkin and Cyril Fastovsky summarized the meetings of the organizations on 7 September.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the President of the KHL:

- Today was held the meeting of the three corporate bodies. The Board of Directors of the old model started with a minute of silence. Today is 7 years since the tragedy near Yaroslavl, in memory of this event in the League and the clubs promotions on games in the palaces equipped the memorial area, made by a special stripe. Died seven years ago - in our hearts, we remember them...

the Board of Directors, in the old part, approved the distribution of a record of 400 million rubles between the clubs. Sources of income mainly include revenues from TV rights and it is gratifying to note that this income is constantly growing. We have subjectively an even bigger allocation next season. The League is in great shape.

Today we have presented next year's budget, and the total amount of revenues for the 2017/2018 season reached a record 3 billion and 50 million rubles. Basically it is the income from commercial activities, the growth amounted to almost 20%. Given that no sector of the economy is not growing at the pace we explore the potential of the League. For the fourth year in the KHL is showing good results, is profitable. Income from sponsors increased by 20% from TV rights and the implementation of content-KHL TV - 15%. This growth more than the growth of the market of TV advertising in Russia.

Between the clubs has allocated 400 million rubles – 50 million more than last year. We would like to maintain this momentum, let's see how the economic situation will allow it.

Financial Fair Play is the main instrument of control, transparency, efficiency clubs, to reduce reliance on government funding. It is already yielding results. Already completed reviews of the "Spartak" and SKA, in September starts on "Jokerit", and the rest of the season we'll check out "Siberia", "torpedo", "Tractor" and "AK bars". We get important information that will allow the clubs to optimize costs, not only in the part relating to the salaries of the players. This plan will work the salary cap this year and next senonoh it is still soft. But in the season 2019/2020 will increase the penalty for exceeding it. Season 2020/2021 introduced a hard salary cap, and clubs are gradually preparing for it - optimize wages.

At the General meeting of founders of the League were the ones who created the NHL 10 years ago. Under the Charter every year we re-elected the Board of Directors. In connection with limitations that prohibit the State Duma to enter the management bodies of commercial organizations - and the League is a commercial - we were forced to leave Vladislav Tretyak and Vyacheslav Fetisov. New Board members were Dmitry Kurbatov and Sergey Batekhin. They are familiar with hockey and understand the objectives of corporate governance.

the New composition of the Board of Directors unanimously chose Gennady Nikolayevich Timchenko as its Chairman. There was one abstention, is himself. Re-election shows confidence in the experience and professionalism Gennady. Under his leadership, the League much has been achieved, thanks to his will and the sequence appeared and approved of the strategy, the financial results are excellent.

the New Board of Directors had to consider a number of questions immediately but are unable to accept them, they made for absentee voting. The questions were about the three Championships of our system KHL-MHL-RHL made matches in Vienna and Zurich, Week of stars hockey in Tatarstan, financial support for the activities of the FHR. The budget allows for the payment of the FHR in the amount of 340 million rubles. Proposed a new procedure for distribution between the clubs of revenue from TV rights - the balance will change in favor of the clubs, whose rights are more expensive on the market. Do so under paragraph strategies for attracting clubs from the markets that are attractive from the point of view of spectator interest and which can bring more income. Those who earn more should get more.

In the media were different interpretations of the situation in the "Admiral", and I would like to comment on this issue. The club provided us with copies of the agreement to repay the debts with the players, we will monitor their implementation. It is essential that arrears of wages were closed. This League will follow as followed and always.

Dmitry Chernyshenko responded to questions from the media.

- How many clubs will be reduced next season? Said about interest from French clubs, whose money are these clubs to act in case of acceptance in the NHL?

- All foreign clubs play for their money. The target number of clubs in the strategy – 24, we intend to perform, but the final decision on structure of participants taken by the Board of Directors. We communicate with several clubs, are being explored all possible moments. As for France, it may be clubs from Paris or Marseille.

- There are clubs which, for different political reasons the insured from leaving the League?

- definitely not Untouchable, everything will be decided by the Board of Directors in the aggregate different criteria.

the results of the meeting of the Board of Directors commented on the leaders of the "Siberia" Magnitogorsk "metallurg".

Cyril Fastovsky, General Manager of "Siberia":

- the Most important thing was to look at the statements, to know the amount that was distributed between the clubs, as the principles of distribution have been taken long ago, they don't change with them, in General, all agreed. So the meeting went pretty quickly, and this issue has not caused any debate. Of course, we try to spend the money, as recommended by the KHL to do with it so that games have more fans. Organization of pre-match events, and the modernization of the Palace. Of course, the money helps, but that amount was really very powerful – it is necessary to win something. However, the amount is increasing every year and it is great. For many years I advocated that the League pay clubs a portion of the profits, it's happening now, and I really like it, support it.

Gennady Velichkin, Vice-President of "metallurg":

In General, the meeting reviewed the current issues that exist in any commercial entity. This year our club has gotten smaller. In recent years, we are spoiled — three finals in five years, the profit was more. But it's an incentive for us to win and make money. The clubs needs to spend money on improving the material-technical base, development of better infrastructure for spectators and the development of children's hockey. Only at this. The money in any case should not go to the salaries of the players or coaches.