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Sensation at the start: will "torpedo" the machine "Avant-garde" and failures SKA

News of the KHL 10.09.2018 at 11:00

A little over a week since the start of the 11th NBA championship, and he already gave the audience a huge amount of bright emotions, a lot of matches brought unexpected results, the leading position escaped those who least expected to see there. The plot of the championship has been waiting for the continuation. On the most notable events of the week – in the traditional category on

FIGURE. The KHL has distributed 400 million between the clubs

on Friday held a meeting of the Board of Directors of the League. It adopted two important decisions. Gennady Timchenko, who heads the governing body, for a new term was re-elected almost unanimously, with one exception – he abstained. Left the Board Vyacheslav Fetisov and Vladislav Tretiak. This is due to the fact that persons who are deputies of the State Duma, it is forbidden to occupy posts in commercial organizations. Instead, the squad has added senior Vice-President of Norilsk Nickel Sergey Batekhin and Executive Director of the FHR Dmitry Kurbatov.

PHOTOBLOG. 07.09.18. The Board of Directors of the League

PHOTOBLOG. 07.09.18. The General meeting of participants of LLC "CHL"

Much more interesting is another step, approved by the Board of Directors. Selling TV rights for the matches of the championship has allowed the League to list clubs in the total amount of 400 million rubles, which is 50 million more than a year ago. The winner of the Cup of Gagarin "AK Bars" got to 45.9 million. Less received the "Ugra" - 7.6 million. In comparison to the total expenses of the clubs, these amounts seem insignificant. More importantly, what will happen in the future. In that case, if at the end of each season the overall "pie" will be significantly more than the previous one, so the League is moving in the right direction, in line with global trends.

the DATE. For the first time after the tragedy, Lokomotiv played on 7 September

Since 7 September 2011 in a plane crash killed the team of Yaroslavl "locomotive", this day in the calendar of the KHL became free from games. Last spring at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the League, with the consent of the representatives of the Yaroslavl club, it was decided to still play to this day. For some, this step seemed at least debatable. But the main thing - not to forget those who are no longer with us. In this respect, to present to the League some claim is the last thing.

last Friday held six meetings. At the initiative of the KHL clubs, who were the owners, allocated in the stands sector of memory. Each of them was decomposed scarf 44 "Locomotive" - the number of fatalities that fateful day. The hockey teams on the ice, played in the jerseys with commemorative patches. In the palaces, where he had those matches with a memorial area. There fans laid flowers and paid tribute to the team. Meeting of the Board of Directors of the League, passed on Friday, also began with a minute of silence.

Sensation. SKA suffered two defeats in three matches

the St. Petersburg club suffered in the offseason. Why should only care of the sniper Ilya Kovalchuk and goalie Mikko Koskinen, who went to conquer the NHL. SKA, however, remains the favorite of the season number one. Though not so straightforward, as a year ago. Competition for a place in the fierce! Magic from Nikita Gusev and Pavel Datsyuk is still here, and compared to other challengers team looks potentially powerful. In these circumstances any failure of the army is perceived like a natural disaster.

No problem having dealt with the "AK Bars" in the match for the Cup Opening September 1 (6:1), St. Petersburg twice and then lost to "torpedo" (3:4) on Monday and the house "Salavat" (1:4) on Saturday. For comparison we will remind that in last season SKA began with 20 wins in a row, and the second defeat in regulation time suffered only at the beginning of December. The current results, it is possible to rate as a failure, given the status and ambitions of the club. In both cases, the team Ilya Vorobiev was leading and couldn't hold the advantage. Especially painful was the failure in Nizhny Novgorod, where the 57 th minute of the guests were 3:2 and then allowed two goals in 36 seconds. Little doubt that SKA will return to its former position in the near future, no. But the appearance of intrigue, and the increase of unpredictable results already this season, without a doubt, happy.

Command. Four strong-willed victory "a torpedo"

Envy. That was the feeling should be the end of the first game week of the championship, the fans of all other teams in relation to the "torpedo". The citizens on this segment won in four home matches in four comeback victory, giving their fans not only intermediate first place in the Eastern conference, but a lot of positive emotions, on the verge of ecstasy. On Monday he fell SKA (4:3), Wednesday – "Cupid" (3:1) Friday – "Vityaz" (4:1). The most memorable game took place on Sunday. "Barys" has been on the go 3:0, then 5:3 and seemed to not miss her. But the torpedo did not lose heart even in this situation, and pulled out a victory in overtime (6:5).

Say that the team was preparing for the season in some light duty at the Western method, so light compared to the opponents legs still looks preferable, especially in the end game. However, in a single movement, without a proper gaming ideas and strict adherence to the coach's installation impossible to win. In this regard, David Nemirovsky, made its debut in the role of head coach, can be cautiously praise, hoping that such thrillers his team will issue in the future.

the Coach. Avangard Bob Hartley looks like a championship contender

no team has made in the first matches so stunning impression as a "vanguard". If tomorrow started the playoffs, I without hesitation would recommend the free money the bookies and bet on the championship "hawks". Solid game, high pressing, aggression in attack, a decent amount of movement, the whole actions of the team in all three zones, the first fruits of the work of the eminent canadian expert Bob Hartley is already visible even from space. Often we hear complaints that coaches are not given sufficient time to implement his vision in life. Take the example of Hartley. He shows himself a Pro of the highest level from the first days of work in Russia.

it is not known how the fate of the Avant-garde in the offseason were forced to changed their residence due to problems with the arena. But while the crew rode away to rivals, like a tank. "Lokomotiv", Moscow "Dynamo" and "Severstal" it was destroyed without a chance with the General difference of washers 13-2! What happens when a "vanguard" will play three more newcomers last season who played in the NHL: defenders Alexei Emelin and Cody Fransson and striker Chris Versteeg?

Wait. Defender of "Salavat" Sergeev scored the first goal in the NHL in the 129th game

Artyom Sergeyev has never been considered a "couch potato", the children and young men, let him not be called a classic shooting guard in the spirit of Kirill Koltsov. Nice shot, good first pass, sometimes in the most STARBRIGHT – all he had. After failing to get into the NHL, he at the age of 22 he returned to North America where he spent six seasons and had signed a contract with CSKA. Here is how to cut – 128 matches in the army club on Wednesday failed never score! Only a small trip in the KHL in the season 2016/2017 helped him to remember the sense of goals. One goals for many years entry into Russia on a professional level looked lonely.

In the offseason, the army released Sergeyev in "Salavat Yulaev" as compensation for the rights to striker Anton slepysheva. In Ufa he immediately took a seat in the second pair, and now, in connection with injuries to other defenders, is almost the key player of the defense. Selection of players in attack "Salavat" - upload. First goals it seemed only a matter of time. In the opening match of the season September 2 in Moscow, Sergeev brought the team to victory over the "Dynamo" in overtime (3:2). Happy for him was a 129 game in the framework of the KHL.

the Goal. Kevin Dallman scored the center of the court

Puck enters the net in front of goal after shooting from behind the red line, hardly a unique event for the NHL. Ask about it at least the defender of Andrei Kuteikin from the current season playing for Spartak. In his last team – Dynamo Moscow - he forced the goalkeeper of the opponent nervous, even in those moments, when I put the stick in order for the soul to catch the puck. Goals from 30 yards for a veteran became almost commonplace. However, with each successive washer, abandoned in a similar style the rapture from the contemplation of a small miracle remains the same. Shock! Fantastic! Sorcery!

On Friday, a victim of long-range artillery, presented to Kazakhstan with canadian Kevin Dallman, in the match "AK bars" - "Barys" was the goalkeeper of citizens of Kazan Alexander Starichenko. Rare player decides to shoot from the center of the site – and the forwarding of unnecessary to run. Experienced Dallman, apparently, felt that the time had come and it began struggling. Starichenko tried to catch flying into the top corner over his right shoulder to the puck, turning it in the direction of the left hand with a trap, and miscalculated. Probably it was loss of concentration. Fortunately for him and "AK Bars" on the outcome of the match this blunder not affected. Although, this incident will be difficult to forget.

"kindergarten". Dmitry Kvartalnov gives the chance to future stars

Yaroslavl "locomotive" is an example of how it should truly work for the future of our hockey and our national team. Its policy of club President Yury Yakovlev does not depart, betting on the future. As a result, the number of young students, whom the head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov gives the chance to reveal themselves at the level of the KHL, pleasing to the eye. In the Yaroslavl nobody forgets about the result. Three victories in four matches – not bad at all. Especially bright turned home match September 6 with "Salavat".

Guests lead with the score 2:0 and, like, we totally controlled the game. Only here at jaroslavtsev there was a decent answer. Passion, desire, dedication and growing skills of young people helped to pull out a win with a score 4:2. At the start of the season, the guys who are from 18 to 23 years, good, each time to the fore different people Denis Alexeev, Grigoriy Denisenko, Artem Ilienko, Nikolai Kovalenko (recognized as the best rookie of the first week of the championship), Arthur Kayumov. Informal audience award at the end of the first week should definitely go to Yaroslavl.

Pass. Winning "parachute" defender "torpedo" of Holm

Swedish defender Filip Holm is a classic example of a player starting to reach his peak closer to 25 years. A couple of years ago, he had a great season at home in the "Vaxjo", went on the victory for team Sweden world championship in Cologne and Paris, and then went overseas in Vancouver. In the NHL Holm to prove himself could not – give him to play only one match. The rest of the time, the Swede has played in bus trips in the AHL. It is logical that he decided to return to Europe.

the"torpedo" made a powerful move by signing a contract with Holm. We can regard this signing before the start of the season. Debut, the Swede has exceeded all expectations. In four games he scored 4 (1+3) points and looks solid, while in the performance of duties sometimes admits flaws. However, it is the masterpiece by Holm became the main decoration of the first week. In Monday's match against SKA (4:3) at equal expense in the 58th minute, the Swede's great reflexes and at the time took a non-standard solution, sending the puck "parachute" over the heads of defenders of SKA into the path of Denis Parshin. He popped one on one with goalkeeper Magnus Hallberga and beautifully played him, scoring the winning goal. The whole combination was rapidly and so perfectly that it would be desirable to reconsider. A masterpiece!

Return. Brandon Bochenski scored the first goal after conceding.

to return to the big hockey at the age of 36 after missing a whole year is always a challenge. American Brandon Bochenski, a living legend of "Barys", zahrany for the national team of Kazakhstan, this step decided. Fire in the eyes of a veteran who completed a career it was, still burning with a bright flame. A long pause, departure from Astana familiar friend for the link Nigel Dawes elementary, a new coach, other partners – it all still affects the actions Bochenski.

in order to again be a key player of "Barys" in the attack, the veteran still needs time. His first goal after his return he scored in the third game, held on September 9, but his team lost 5:6 (ot) in Nizhny Novgorod. So very curious whether American closer to their best examples of after how come 100 percent? Oh and don't forget about the anniversary – the next point will be for Bochenski commemorative – 400th in the NHL.