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Trading recommendations for 7.09.2018

Portal Forex trader 06.09.2018 at 21:43

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Hello. Let's see what interesting to trade in the Forex market tomorrow 7.09.2018


On AUDUSD continue to move along the level 0,71500 and formed a pattern Doji. Probably go hide up in the area 0,72500 and trend line. From deals I can hardly refuse. Sales will look after the correction or breakout of the support level.


On the EURCHF pair passed the support level 1,1265 and formed the pattern of Absorption. A small upside correction is over and continue the down trend. Consider there sales.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental analysis APR

on the last day of the week, the White House is likely to introduce a new set of duties on Chinese imports. Hope to resolve this issue through negotiations did not materialize and the markets of Asia continued to decline in the stock indices of China:

the Shanghai Composite of 0.47%; Shenzhen Composite -0,72%; Hang Seng Index 1% KOSPI -0,18% Nikkei 225 is 0.41%, the S&P/ASX 200 — of 1.23%

the New package will be the third since the beginning of the official trade war, the United States and China. In anticipation of this event has strengthened sharply quotations of the yen, the fall in USD/JPY exceeded 100 points in one day.

Us markets fell due to poor economic statistics, the problems of technology companies, due to possible failure of negotiations on NAFTA.

Dow Jones + NASDAQ 0,08 — 0,91% S&P 500 — 0,36%

Shares of technology companies have continued to "kill" after the speeches, representatives of Facebook and Twitter in the U.S. Congress.

the Head of Twitter and a top Manager of Facebook at the hearing in the U.S. Senate

Legislators are trying to understand the extent of fault management social networking in the leak of user data, the interference of foreign States in the electoral processes of the country, the promotion of political advertising.

investors Also drew attention to the release of worse than expected volume of industrial orders (in July fell by 0.8%), PMI services (August 54,8), labour costs (down 1% in the second quarter). This data is blocked unexpected positive to reduce initial jobless claims came better than expected.

Negative stats affect the mood of Forex traders who chose the U.S. dollar core of the national currency, returning his course in the area of recent local minima.

the Eurozone

the Main stock indexes in Europe continued to fall after the release of negative statistics in Germany and the risks of a worsening economic crisis in the countries under US sanctions, in the form of higher fees.

DAX 0,71 CAC40 — FTSE 100 of 0.31 to 0.87

the Volume of July manufacturing orders in Germany unexpectedly fell by 0.9% while waiting for the experts growth of 1.6%. French investors fear for the country's business in Turkey and involve the loss of the mining industry after the withdrawal of companies from Iran. Britain is in open confrontation with Russia, accusing the country's authorities of involvement in the chemical attack in the town of Salisbury.

Despite the weakening of the dollar against major currencies, traders are unable to form a unified movement in the Euro, ending the day near the open price of the session.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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