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The most shocking hypothesis. Hey you there, on the moon! (2018) SATRip

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As according to official scientific version of Luna? Who prevented America is to dump a nuclear bomb on the moon? Why blow up a rocket Falcon-9? What is depicted on classified images of NASA and what happened during the last Apollo missions?

In April 1970 the US was faced with the tragic and inexplicable failure of the lunar mission, the Apollona-13. The main objective of the mission was the so-called seismic experiment. To obtain information about the geological structure of the satellite, the Americans planned to organize on the moon a nuclear explosion, but to land them and failed.

With the beginning of the flight mission were setbacks - first, the explosion of an oxygen cylinder, then the failure of fuel cells. During the flight space module literally falling apart - engines, navigation and life support systems. Periodically lost connection, talking about landing on the moon was not a miracle, the astronauts returned to Earth.