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Photo shoot of the baptism in the Vvedensky Cathedral

Wedding and family photographer 04.09.2018 at 10:22

Michael noses

Cathedral — the pride and spiritual bulwark of our Republic.

it citizens often choose the place of the baptism of children.

But not everyone knows about photography in Vvedensky Cathedral, which sometimes results in a failed nomination and big regrets on this score.

first shot in the Church oblige all those present and, of course, the photographer to know all its rules and canons (see, nobody wants to blush for the Amateur photographer who will be not there or will do something wrong during the ceremony).


In its internal structure there are places where outsiders are not allowed (the dais in front of the iconostasis, the altar, etc.).

it is Also an experienced photographer knows the best angles for the shots in the Vvedensky Cathedral and its "blind spots" — places where you do not get to photograph the ceremony.

Cathedral — the oldest building of Cheboksary and the Chuvash Republic. It is the Cathedral of the diocese of Republican. Stone Cathedral dates back to the 1660-ies.

the Natural gloom of the Cathedral of the Chuvash Republic knows everyone who at least once visited it (due to the subdued light and narrow enough window).

this photos are especially warm and atmospheric.

But! In addition to the professionalism of the photographer an important instrument with which he works. After all, to use flash in the Church is prohibited.

when shooting in a dimly lit room can handle only L-class lenses (they cost 10 or 20 times the cost of conventional optics for this reason, these lenses are not all photographers).

Baptism is the only and unique moment in the life of every person. CALL +7 927 8535 333

order the photo shoot for the baptism of your child, and we will try to do everything so that this event remains not only in memory but also the touching, emotional photos.*

*When photographing a baptism using the original optics of the category "L class".

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