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To cash in on the lock themes of the day 05.09.2018 at 21:06

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In "National ranking" over the last month, there were dozens of complaints of entrepreneurs on transactions and freeze accounts. And unpleasant fee that charged by the Bank with "suspicious" customers.

48 hours to rehab

How to write a user forum, the "RAID" on small businesses announced Tinkoff Bank. In August they left more than 30 negative messages about locking accounts and transactions. As a rule, problems arise because of the fact that customers are unable to promptly comply with the requirements of the Bank and provide the necessary documents. Often the company has just 48 hours.

"since I do construction, I failed in two days to collect all the documents, some invoice was the drivers, as some did in the factory, in connection with which the Bank has blocked my Bank account prior to the submission of the missing documents. But even after providing the Bank wrote in the chat that "following a comprehensive inspection of documents not interested in further cooperation" with reference to the 115-FZ, without giving specific reasons...," writes one user, "people's rating" of (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved reviews. — Approx. His account is "stuck" 974 thousand rubles.

the Activity of the credit organization on the part of the lock and support experts.

"the Trend Tinkoff Bank, we also noticed last week. We have had many requests from individual entrepreneurs and companies", — said the partner of the legal company Trendlaw, project Manager Vladimir Efremov. According to him, the increase in the number of failures can be attributed to two reasons: the regulator's requirements or the initiative of the Bank. Rather, it is the implications of changes in internal control rules, the lawyer says.

the Source of the Tinkoff Bank binds stricter requirements for legal entities with a recent check of the regulator. With high probability were then identified issues that relate to combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and the Bank hurried to fix them.

the Recommendations of the Central Bank may not always be formal, but the players on the signal react quickly, confirms the Deputy Chairman of Lanta-Bank Dmitry Shevchenko.

Tinkoff Bank deny the mass character of locks. "These measures affected a small number of companies. Almost 400 thousand customers Tinkoff Bank from the sphere of small and average business operate without any restrictions," explained in a press-service of the credit institution. They also stressed that he had repeatedly asked the clients-legal entities to confirm payment of taxes and the legality of their activities. Those who did not, faced with failures in the transaction.

every suspicious — 15%

Rules of internal control of the banks rely on the law on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism (115-FZ). According to this law, credit institutions are required to identify suspicious customer transactions and report them to the Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank. The list of transactions that can be attributed to questionable, very wide — it contains over 100 features. The Bank can add to the list at its discretion. And in 2013, credit institutions were allowed to charge suspicious customers a higher fee. The so-called protective tariff can be spread on with a high level of risk. The size of this fee is 15-20 times larger than the standard. Some banks prohibitive tariff explicitly stated in the contracts of settlement and cash services entrepreneurs:

Customers Tinkoff Bank, who are faced with the locks, also complain about higher tariffs. For example, one of them offered to translate to another Bank for 40 million rubles with a 15% Commission.

"I Ask the representatives of the Bank to justify the decision on the withdrawal of 15% from 40 million rubles received on account. Upon receipt of funds, the company paid the tax, then there was the expense of buying the car (dealer Mercedes, OOO ROLF). This account has been suspended, and we received a requirement to provide documents. We have provided the documents for two hours, but the next day the Bank sent the letter of termination of the service contract unilaterally and retention of 15%...", — writes yet a current customer of the credit institution.

Some even believe that the Bank profited on their trouble:

"Also, like many, without explanation blocked the account. Please provide a pile of documents and waiting. All documents provided, are transparent, pay taxes, wages, rent, SDO participants, but these gentlemen enough. Now I do not doubt that you will be prompted to close your account with 15% Commission. Very comfortable — first free use our money, and then another 15% press the" — outraged businessman in the "people's rating" of

Even in the case of blocking the funds remain in the account and a credit institution can not dispose of them, said in Tinkoff Bank. It is only partly true, says Dmitry Shevchenko. "The balance on the account is a cash obligation of the Bank to the client, and the amount recorded in the account represents only a bookkeeping account for such specific commitments. Therefore, from this point of view, the Bank is entitled to all the clients 'funds held by it" — says the Deputy Chairman of the Board Lanta-Bank.

"to Earn" on suspicious customers, the credit institution can really, said Vladimir Yefremov. "Increasing the number of locks can lead to the growth of commissions charged at prohibitive rates. And, as a consequence, to a certain profit to the Bank", — said the lawyer.

How much bring lock

the Blocking of customer accounts and write-offs increased commissions in August can't be reflected in the accounts Tinkoff Bank. In addition, the credit organizations usually do not disclose what proportion of fee income brings "protective tariff".

For the first half of 2018 net interest income Tinkoff Bank exceeded 27 billion rubles, the growth year-on-year by more than 30%. Commission income also increased by 40% — to 18.7 billion rubles. According to the website of the credit organization, it served 405 700 entrepreneurs. Even if 400 thousand customers have no problems, as we are assured in the Bank, almost 1.5% still could face account management. To calculate the "earnings" of the Bank on this issue, lacks an important component — data on the total amount of frozen funds.


After the publication of the article was sent another comment Tinkoff Bank:

"the Central Bank is actively clearing the market from absalikov, transit and other practitioners of "grey" financial schemes. Russian banks helps the Central Bank in this fight. We operate in full compliance with 115-FZ, and also methodical recommendations of the regulator (MP-18).

Tinkoff Bank (and other market participants) take a Commission for withdrawal of funds when closing the account for 115-FZ. But we do it in order to "cash in on lock", as suggested by the authors – and to once and for all ward off questionable figures from attempts to turn the "grey" scheme through our Bank. This is a signal that the great schemer and schemers any normal Bank is not needed. Don't even try to come: it will be worse.

In confirmation of our position, we give an argument that service small and medium business lucrative and profitable for the Bank activity, but only at long-term cooperation. These clients bring free tools (necessary for us to conduct credit business and strengthen the sustainability of the Bank), plus we earn a Commission. Task division Tinkoff Business get more customers. Therefore, we only in 2017 spent on customer acquisition 9.4 billion. Since we are talking about SMB, even 15% of the amount of an account is typically very modest. Believe we Shematovich deducted for income on fines – akin to the assumption that a man went to pay surgery for resection of the stomach, then to receive a tax deduction of the amount spent.

Yes, we need to clean your database — on-demand controller and for reasons of common sense (once again: the schemers and other almaliki is a risk factor for the Bank's business). But we do it without joy and greed. And fair and white business we love, Holim and cherish. More than 400 thousands of normal customers Tinkoff Business can you confirm".