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#dangerprone: 7 ways not to lend friends themes of the day 12.09.2018 at 21:02

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Guys constantly asking me for money. I'm 23 and I'm a girl.

I'm single girl, working in Moscow and living in a rented apartment. I don't have things of luxury brands, expensive cars and other attributes of luxury life. So for me it remains a mystery why almost every month unrelated people aggressively asking me for money.

the First time I borrowed amount that does not hit my budget in the event of default. Several times had to face a situation when it needed the money back, but the borrower was in no hurry to give them up. Had to come up with several excuses not to lend, and stay friends. The most effective and risky — at the end of this text.

1. "I have a contribution without the possibility of early withdrawal"

to Lie to a friend about how you soon you buy an apartment or a car, bad not only from a moral point of view, but also because after some time, he still learns about the deception. Therefore it is better to say that you have the Deposit without the possibility of early withdrawal and all the money you just put into the account.

But don't forget that it's also your friend that you have to be honest. So better really to have a safety cushion, and save for unexpected expenses.

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to get a promotional code 2. "Take credit card"

If one from month to month requests you have in the debt can not expect their spending to paycheck, you should advise him that the credit card. First, it will make him more responsible and learn to plan a budget. Secondly, it will save your friendship awkward moments. If the friend asked for the first time, but quite a large amount, you should know what he wants to spend it. If appliances or furniture, you can advise him card installments.

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to pick up a map 3. "I'll help you with a loan in the Bank"

If you are friends, most of all, trust each other. Invite a friend to take the credit in Bank under your guarantee. If the amount is significant, then one will appreciate your desire to help. It will be careful when the payment of the loan, and you will not have to risk your money. But be careful when choosing friends.

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Sometimes you have to lie. "Yes, already given, no, not given". If you will be able to negotiate with his own conscience, this "excuse" for you. To each came the temptation again to borrow may from time to time to complain about it to your brazen "debtor."

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Gypsies are terribly afraid, when in response to their offer to tell fortunes to the people he is called to predict their future. But if the Roma it means the loss of good luck, for a friend who requested a loan, it will mean your complete and hopeless lack of money.

6. "Help the families"

Financial assistance to grandparents or relatives deserve respect, and even in dire need of money friend should understand your position. And again, not to lie, better really often can help them with money, food or joint digging potatoes.

7. "Ladies in debt after 25 years"

Scary, risky and unexpected way to refuse a friend. Debt problems became less as soon as I started to save for a mortgage. They ran out completely when I took her for 25 years. Now all requests to lend, I give this a strong argument, and all questions disappear by themselves. Scary if I was to take out a mortgage in 23 years? Of course, terrible, but that's another story.

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