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Named products, from which should be abandoned after 30 years

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 08.09.2018 at 23:54

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From the diet should scratch pastries and white bread.

With age, the body changes occur that require a revision of many habits, including food.

So, the American edition of My Domaine, together with experts in the field of healthy nutrition and leading nutritionists have made a list of 5 foods that must be avoided after 30 years – especially women.

the rating is Headed by the sugar causing inflammation in the body and damaging the collagen fibers and elastin, which are responsible for the youthfulness and health of skin. Moreover, the rejection of pure sugar does not solve the problem, because many foods contain "hidden" sugar, the amount of which you also have to adjust.

followed by a variety of artificial condiments and sauces: the experts recommend to replace them with natural spices and cooked sauces.

the Girls after 30 (and before, actually, too) are encouraged to abandon poor-quality pasta, only afford pasta from durum wheat.

From the diet should scratch pastries and white bread containing large amounts of sugar and glucose, which can disrupt the body's production of collagen and many proteins. Give preference to whole grain bread and healthy sweets.

Despite all the myths about the benefits of diet drinks, experts advise not to take their young women after 30: harmful substances in their composition have a negative impact on thyroid hormones.

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