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These products significantly influence the performance

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Do Not abuse fried meat and red varieties.

Incorrectly selected the lunch or snacks at the workplace can cause reduced working capacity, drowsiness and apathy. This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

the Main rule when choosing courses during the working day – the food should not be too heavy. In addition, there are preferably small portions, so with overeating due to the physiological factors starts to get sleepy.

"When the body is "burdened" with lots of food and because all forces are thrown on its digestion. The same applies to junk food, the most "sleepy" ones are the sweets, especially pastries, cakes, biscuits etc. as soon As we allow a piece of a creamy dessert, dramatically change the level of glucose in the blood, and it quickly "tire" of our body.

can't give up sweets — eat very small portions and better in the first half of the day – sugar, among other things, is a great source of energy, but if you have a sedentary job, the body simply nowhere to burn it," says the doctor.

do Not abuse fried meat and red varieties. The stomach digests it for about 8 hours because all this time, you can feel the "heaviness" and even fatigue. The specialist warns against the other extreme, because to give up meat completely impossible – just choose less fatty or so-called white meat.

don't overuse and flour products made from white wheat flour — it is by definition too many calories. Consequently, the body receives more than it needs and requires rest, because her digestion is very time consuming and effort. Better to choose whole wheat bread or dark Beers with bran.

In the course of the working day try to eat very small portions of 200 grams at maximum. Three times it is better to eat than eat out in the evening and then all day thinking about how to quickly get to the couch.

Give preference to vegetables and fruits, osanobu liver and dried fruit, light cereal and to quickly cheer up, drink a Cup of green tea or fresh orange juice – these drinks are the "work" coffee.

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