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Doctors have warned about the dangers of hand dryers

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 08.09.2018 at 23:54

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Dryers create a spray, which pollutes the room.

the international team of researchers concluded that hand dryers spread a dangerous bacteria.

Scientists have traced how pathogens are spread in three hospitals in Britain (Leeds), Italy (Udine) and in France (Paris). Specialists measured the levels of contamination by bacteria in toilets for 12 weeks. Samples were taken from the air, floor and ceiling.

the Researchers were primarily interested in the premises subject to such strains as Staphylococcus aureus, enterococci, and enterobacteria, e.g., E. coli. The results of the experiment showed that in all three hospitals, the bacteria spread more actively, if the toilet was installed the dryer.

"the Dryer creates an aerosol, which can contaminate the premises, including the device itself, sinks, floors and other surfaces, depending on the location of the device. Touching them, people at risk of Contracting bacteria or viruses," said Professor of the Department of medical Microbiology, University of Leeds mark Wilcox.

According to scientists, the paper towels are much more hygienic measurements in Paris and Leeds showed that the areas where used dryer, five times more polluted than the toilets, where used towels.

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