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Doctors told how cancer can be diagnosed by fingernails

Fashion Verdict fashion Week 08.09.2018 at 23:55

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Scientists advise to pay attention to the color change of the nail plates.

Changes shapes and colors nails can be a sign of lung cancer and other cancers. To such conclusion the Western experts after studying the case of Englishwoman Jenny Williams Taylor.

She published a post with a photo of the modified form of my nail, after which the doctors diagnosed her with lung cancer at an early stage.

experts pointed out, the unnatural deformation of the nail, a change in growth direction (for example, sagnotti inside), and thickening of the fingertips themselves may be a sign of lung cancer. Such symptoms were observed in British women.

the scientists Also suggest to pay attention to the color change nails: very pale nails can be signs of liver disease. And dark education under the nails can be harbingers of skin cancer.

Because cancer Jenny Williams Taylor was discovered at an early stage, it is possible to cope with the disease.

"I published a photo on his wall, asking if anyone saw any nails. After a grueling 2 weeks in clinics I got the results. Cancer in both lungs!!!! – wrote English. – Hope this post can help someone else to detect the disease in its early stages".

While experts recommend that those who found changes in the nails, don't panic as a symptom – not a disease.

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