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Doctors called the best and the worst posture for sleeping

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Sleep in a different position brings different benefits.

the Position in which we sleep can have a major impact on health. Some poses will allow us to sleep well and feel in the morning as a cucumber. In others you can Wake up with muscle aches, red eyes and feelings like not sleeping.

what's More, you can seriously damage your health if you don't sleep, reports the with reference on the Harmony of life.

the most harmful postures include:

Posture lying on the stomach.

This is one of the worst positions for sleeping. All fans of sleep on the tummy it is recommended to reconsider their preferences.

During sleep in this position, the person turns the wrong position of the neck, resulting in the inflection of the carotid arteries and impaired blood supply of the brain. Distorted cervical vertebrae. In addition, compression of the chest makes breathing difficult, loads the heart and the digestive system.

Lying on a high pillow.

Similarly, sleeping on a high pillow will affect your posture. The neck is lifted too high, blocking the access of oxygen to the brain. And the lack of oxygen in turn leads to the death of brain cells, primarily responsible for intelligence and memory.

best suited a small pillow, through which bending of the neck during sleep becomes natural position.

this also can be attributed to sleep sitting up. It happens when the person is so tired that he could sleep sitting at a Desk, or riding in a transport. A complete rest may not be considered.

Sleep on too hard or too soft surface. The spine or unnaturally straightened on a hard mattress, or too much Flex on the soft, which in turn leads to its curvature, edema, degenerative disc disease and several other related diseases.

Well, now look at the posture in which you sleep are:

the Pose lying on your back, or “Royal”.

This is the best position for sleeping. Lying on your back, a better person just relaxes, giving rest and the muscles and spine, and internal organs, prevents normal blood flow.

has a Beneficial effect on the digestive system. However, people suffering from breathing disorders (snoring, apnea) it is recommended to avoid position lying on the back.

the Pose on the side or “the embryo”.

it is Also considered to be successful. Does not create a disturbance of circulation, and the spinal column assumes its natural form. Is considered the most a good position to rest your feet, slightly bending at the knees.

it is Worth remembering that sleeping on your left side puts extra pressure on the heart, so you better choose the right side.

It was the most common posture for sleeping. It is clear that during the night a person can regularly change the body position, but should accustom ourselves to sleep properly, even if the first time is not comfortable.

most Importantly, remember that your spine should have a natural curve, and the slope of the neck should not interfere with normal circulation. Pleasant dreams!

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