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Amsterdam. Inside orange

Women's portal Buduar.Info 13.09.2018 at 08:12

Fashion and style, a glossy magazine about female beauty

Most of the year in Amsterdam it is raining. But April 30 as ordered, the sun Peeps out. The city celebrates the Queen's birthday: everywhere hang orange flags, children go with baskets to sell their old toys, while the adults drink beer or Royal orange liqueur.


Amsterdam is a city of cyclists. Bike ride to the office and to the market, taking in the baskets of vegetables, important papers, children and dogs. All the first floor entangled bikes like cobwebs. The first thing that sees a traveler entering the city through the Central station, is a four — storey Bicycle Parking. A spectacle in its own surreal.


Salted herring can you buy in Amsterdam all year round. But it is especially good in may and June, when starts the next fishing season and the catch delivered to the stalls directly from the sea. Throughout the city there are tents with a sign Hollandse Nieuwe. Take the herring by the tail, put in a fresh loaf of bread, sprinkled a little onion and eat, sitting directly on the lawn and looking at the water.


the world-Famous flower market Bloemenmarkt stretches along the embankment of the channel Single. Flowers they sell armfuls of bulbs — buckets, seed bags. In addition to tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and lilies of all conceivable shapes and sizes on the market you can buy wooden shoes, blue and white plates, Artis chocolate and Dutch cheese. The market is open every day from nine in the morning until five in the evening. Prices here are lower than in stores.

the Westerpark

From April to October, all inhabitants of Amsterdam will stop eating at home and eat only in the open air, certainly on the background of the canal, with wine, blanket, dogs, and children. In the Park there are former warehouses, where there are exhibitions and performances.

Quarter Haarlemmerbuurt

the Concentration of stores and shops for any taste: olive oil bottle to Check Your Oil — you can try and Portuguese, and Sicilian, great chocolate weight sold in Unlimited Delicious; bread, croissants and scones in trendy Crafts and Crumbs.


the Land in Amsterdam is very expensive, so many people live in boats. These boats are not a means of transportation, and the place of permanent residence. They are tightly moored along the canals and have a mailing address. They summed up the gas and hot water. On the upper decks there are flowers in tubs and benches. The entrance to the promenade is marked with gates. In short, it's for real. Only very closely.


Famous urban landscape: canals, bridges and narrow facades, fused in one continuous line. The narrowest house in Amsterdam is only 2 meters wide and 6 meters deep. It is unclear how this space is generally possible to live, but also live! And to be sure enough to walk along the promenade in the evening, looking at nezastroennoe window. Stairs in Amsterdam houses the screw and so narrow that things have to drag through the Windows.

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