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Bank "Zenith" has improved conditions for deposits in rubles press releases 10.09.2018 at 10:20

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Zenit Bank increased interest rates on retail deposits in roubles the increase amounted to 0.75 percentage points. Now the maximum bid for retail customers — 7,25% annual.

, Interest rates on deposits "High income" up to 7.25% when placing a Deposit of more than 600,000 rubles for a period 550-731 day. When the amount of the Deposit from 30 000 up to 600 000 rubles yield with the same term of placement is 7% per annum.

Deposit "enlarged income" is opened for a period from 91 to 370 days. The interest rate is dependent on the actual term of funds in the contribution. The maximum bet allows you to earn income to 6.3% per annum for the Deposit amount of 600 000 rubles (with a minimum Deposit amount the maximum bet is set at 6.05% APR). Replenish the Deposit during the entire period (except for the last 30 days).

the Rates on deposits "Managed income" in rubles reached 6% per annum when placing the amount above 600 000 rubles for 550-731 day. Yield when the amount of the contribution less than 600 000 rubles for the same period will be 5.75% per annum.

These maximum rates are available when placing deposits in the system "Zenith Online". In the branches to open an account with the same conditions, citizens of retirement age.

the Bank has launched a new seasonal Deposit "Rapture" in rubles with the yield to 7.25% per annum with a minimum amount of 10 000 rubles for a period of 500 days. This rate is valid for clients that have no feature of contracts on time deposits in the Bank "Zenit". To open the contribution "Rapture", you must obtain the code from the Banks.Roux and present it to the Bank.

"In the line of deposits for retail customers of the Bank "Zenith" there are several options to invest depending on goals and abilities. Customers can open a Deposit with monthly payments or interest capitalization, deposits, and deposits with early termination. Bank Zenit offers attractive market rates, providing different levels of return," — says Dmitry Yurin, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank "Zenit".