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StarCraft® II 09.09.2018 at 20:00

Team StarCraft II was always deeply grateful to the community for your continued support and love for our game. We were very lucky with the players: many of you have played StarCraft II for eight years! One of the most passionate fans of StarCraft II was John Bain, known as TotalBiscuit. John and his wife Jenna started to support the game one of the first and even founded his own e-sports team Axiom. Driven by a love of StarCraft II and the game's community, they participated in the organization of major tournaments, including World Championship Series events and SHOUTcraft Kings, and delighted us with countless performances and videos dedicated to the game.

In gratitude for the contribution of Bane in the development of StarCraft II, we have created a commemorative set of cosmetic items. 100% of funds raised from the sale of the set-initiation will come at the expense of Jenna and her son Orion. Family is going through a severe loss, and so we want to thank Bane for all they did for StarCraft II.

in addition, all proceeds from sales of set commentator John's (excluding taxes) will be received by his family. This will affect all orders placed in the period from the beginning of April 2018.

the Kit is a dedication TotalBiscuit will be on sale this week. Please note that it will be available in limited quantities, and the selling period will end no later than 31 December 2018

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