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Processing of balance in StarCraft II 2018

StarCraft® II 11.09.2018 at 18:07

In the past year, we have released an update that includes improvements to StarCraft II multiplayer. This year we are going to release a similar update shortly after the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon. When developing the new version we tried to balance the power of each race in the later stages of the game, without enabling this intentional slowdown of the gameplay, and provide new opportunities for innovative solutions in the course of the game and increase the number of strategies in various battles. To this end, we considered the major combat units of each race and made changes to them to define their role in the game or make it more exciting.

the Terran Cruiser laser batteries "air-ground" and "air-air" has disappeared random delay between shots. Damage laser battery "air-air" has been reduced from 6 to 5 units. damage dealt by the weapon "Yamato" has been reduced from 300 to 240 units Now cruiser can move while firing.

the Mighty cruiser in StarCraft II has always been considered a unique combat unit. Because of its low speed and relatively short range it can quickly cause a lot of damage, but only if the enemy gape and fail to prevent it. In addition, it is quite strange combined with other units. There is little that can compete with the cruiser received all the improvements, however, immediately after the production with him perfectly capable of basic ground units such as Marines or hydralisks. Air units such as Void rays and corruptors, also able to withstand the cruisers, but they can destroy just one shot from the gun of the "Yamato".

We got rid of the random delay between auto attack cruiser, and this, perhaps, was the most unusual innovation, because the delay is almost all combat units in StarCraft II. And yet, given the recovery time auto-attacks, because of the frequent delay between shots, the cruiser is often inflicted less damage than expected. With no delay the cruiser now does approximately 20% more damage per second, and stable. We want the cruiser was a more reliable choice when fighting ground-based opponents, however can't allow it to become the perfect fighting unit. To avoid this, we reduced the rate of attacks on air targets at 1 unit, so that the vulnerability of the cruiser to air attack remains the same.

the damage of the weapon "Yamato", reduced to 240 units — this is what it was in Brood War. First of all, a new indicator of damage will affect the Void: now the gun of the "Yamato" will inflict decent damage, not destroying it with one shot. And in battle with the destroyers and aircraft carriers, the cruiser remains about as good as it once was.

We are often asked to give the cruiser the ability to move while shooting, and now we have introduced it as an experiment. Cruisers slow enough, but now they can pursue a goal that will not be able to fight back on the move. This opportunity increased their maneuverability and made them more dangerous for long-range guns, with the exception of units with an extremely high range, such as "Hurricane" or "Viking". This innovation compensates for a small range of the cruiser, and its position relative to the fortifications and artillery with a high range remains unchanged.

Mina "Widow" Now claws for drilling buried the give the Widow mine a permanent disguise. To designate, Widow mine will get a new visual effect.

This change will make mine a "Widow" as it was before the release of version 4.0. So we aim to achieve the aforementioned objectives: in the early game Widow mines should be more balanced for both attacking side and the defending and improving for them to be more useful. With this innovation closer to the end of the battle with the Zerg, the Terran will be able to extract more benefits from the mines of the Widow in battle with zerglings and banelings, as well as to more effective passive reconnaissance and to control the location, by the correct location.

"Cyclone" Base armor reduced from 1 to 0 units.

When it comes to the beginning of the game, at the moment, "Cyclone" is one of the most useful units in the battles of Terrans with Terrans. Removing a single unit armor, we increased the efficiency of thugs and Marines in a battle with the "Cyclone", without changing his favor against marauders and siege tanks. In the result groups initially "Cyclones" are not as effective as before, but in combination with other units they are still useful. In the battle of "Cyclone" with terlingua and Queens advantage now also for the Zerg, so we will closely monitor the "Cyclone" during testing.

"Thor" Delay between attacks 250-mm guns "the Punisher" reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds. The damage done by 250-mm guns "the Punisher" increased from 35 units (+15 units armored units) to 40 (+10 units on large units). The radius of the rocket launchers "Dart" reduced from 0.6 to 0.5. Base armor reduced from 2 to 1 unit.

Our main goal when working with "Thor" — to make sure that he was not just a powerful universal unit, and a Titan that kills other titans. We want a small unit that surrounded "Thor" crowd, represented a danger for him. Due to changes in armor units with high attack speed and low damage, such as Marines and zerglings, it will be easier to handle him. We have reduced the range of anti-aircraft guns, as many players have drawn our attention to the fact that "Thor" has presented a very big threat to mutalisks in the mid and late game against Terran. We want to mutalisks used more often, so I decided to weaken their main enemy.

due to the increased attack speed for large units of "Thor" has become a threat to such units as "Hurricane" and the carrier in one on one fights. In addition, it now has faster deals with the owners of the pack, so the Terrans with several "Operators" will be able to interfere with the opponent to create symbiotes. Now Thor has become a great option for combating major air units and a worthy replacement for the "Vikings" in the battle with any armored air units.

the Medivac Capacious fuel tanks no longer increases the duration of "fast and Furious". Instead, they reduce the recovery time of the "fast and Furious" from 14 seconds to 9 seconds. Now the medivac can heal units affected by graviton beam of the Phoenix.

the lifetime of the "fast & Furious" remains the same, but now players will be able to decide when to apply it. In addition, thanks to the reduced recovery time can now be more efficient to attack the enemy base from different directions. Previously, high duration, by contrast, encouraged the attack with only one hand. Overall, this innovation should appeal to those who prefer the micro with the game medavakkam.

the change in the treatment of medivacs in the same way that we have made to battery shields.

"Banshee" Cost improvements "Reinforced rotors" is reduced from 200/200 to 150/150.

high speed "Banshee" pose a substantial threat, however, experienced players rarely use this improvement. We would like to in the middle and at the end of the game they were used more often and therefore reduced cost.

"the Raven" the Damage done by armor-piercing rocket has been reduced from 15 to 0 units Now anti-armor missiles not only reduce the armor of the Protoss, but weaken their shields.

it is not the first time reduce the damage armor-piercing missiles "Raven", however, this ability is still considered quite useful in terms of dealing damage in the region in the later stages of matches Terran with Terran. The purpose of armor-piercing missiles should be primarily in the imposition of a negative effect, not the damage. To emphasize this, we decided to reset the damage and to make armor-piercing missiles reduced everything possible to improve their armor. We do not exclude the fact that this ability will need to make other changes as well, so we will monitor it during testing.

the Engineering complex is Now "Frame of postali" and "Cladding of buildings" United under one name — "Sheathing nostalgy". The upgrade cost will be: 150/150. Development spent 100 seconds. as the sheathing of buildings.

Lovers postali repeatedly appealed to us with a request to make a change in "Frame of neostyle". The purpose of this modification is to increase the efficiency of the "Frame" by combining it with other improvement structures.

Zerg Zerglings and hydralisks Time digging reduced from of 0.71 to 0.36 sec. A random amount of excavation is reduced from 0.36 to 0.08 sec.

By increasing the speed of digging Zerg will be able to resort to completely new techniques — for example, using hydralisks to surprise warp prisms and medevac flying to the mineral line, or send zerglings to ambush walking on the map reinforcements.

the Hydralisk Health reduced from 90 to 85 units.

we tried to make hydralisks one of the main units, and we did — so much so that they eclipsed other possible strategies. Because of the reduced health hydralisks will become more vulnerable to damage, so it will be less profitable form of these large groups. Change in the health basic unit — a very important change, so we will monitor test results to ensure that the Zerg can still use hydralisks, though not in every battle.

real football tournament cast Range "Infested Terran" increased from 7 to 8.

In the range of 8 zarazitel will be able to apply the "Infested Terran", not into the zone of action of fortifications and holding away from the enemy troops, enabling them to destroy or siege units to attack a large enemy group with greater efficiency.

Ultralisk New improvement: "Anabolic synthesis", Cost: 150 units of minerals / 150 gas units. design Time: 79 sec. The movement speed of ultralisks without mucus increased by 10% (from 4.13 to 4.55). The speed of movement of mucus remains the same.

So ultralisks without mucus will become much stronger, and their handling will increase. At the previous rate of speed without mucus sometimes they were useless in a battle with the organic units of the Terrans, while experienced players could deal with them even with the help of the marauders. After the upgrade, ultralisks can more effectively attack the organic troops of the Terran race, as now their speed is almost on par with the speed of Marines and marauders with stimpack. In battles with the Protoss they can also attack the troops from aircraft carriers and high Templar, is rapidly entering into a battle with high Templars and not getting too much damage from the interceptors of carriers.

the nydus Network and nydus worm Cost of the nydus network increased to 150/200 200/250. The nydus worms cost reduced from 100/100 to 50/50. The nydus worm no longer invulnerable, while on his way to the surface. Now he has 6 units of armor.

nydus Worms always used to full-blown attacks. We want to contribute to their use as transportation and a tool to attack later stages of the game. Many experienced players have argued that towards the end of the game worms almost never used because of their high cost. In addition, we wanted to give players a faster way to deal with nydus worms, located directly opposite the enemy units, so the worms are no longer invulnerable while out on the surface. However, the armor of worms at this time fortified, so stop it, just sending him a lot of work or a few basic units, will not work.

the Burying and digging up Now for burrowing and digging is assigned to a separate button. Now dug and burrowed Zerg units are on one panel. When you double click a unit will be selected and those and others.

We introduced this change for the sake of experiment. We are already more than one year were asked to divide the buttons burrowing and digging, so Zerg can effectively manage their units — about the same as the Terrans manage the transformation of their siege tanks and "Liberators". It takes time to get used to this innovation, and we want to find out what players think of him.

the Protoss nexus Ability nexus "Mass teleportation" is now called "Strategic leap". The ability of the mother ship "Strategic leap" is now called "Mass recall". The recovery time of the "Strategic leap" nexus reduced from 130 to 85 sec. The range of the "Strategic leap" nexus reduced from 6.5 to 2.5.

We want to make "Mass teleportation" is more useful for those who play for the Protoss. Now they can attack in small groups, without going into a full-scale offensive. Due to the significant reduction of the radius of the large groups to use it to return will not succeed, so that when moving large number of units, it is important to consider the position.

the hourly energy Cost of creating illusions reduced from 100 to 75 units of the radius of the "protective shield" has been increased from 4 to 4.5.

At the moment for Protoss players are exploring primarily through the Stargate and adherents. Before the advent followers often used the illusion: the initial phase of the game were faster, and the time to accumulate energy at the time, was less. We believe that the illusion will become a more attractive option for exploration due to the reduced cost.

Those who prefer a modern style of play will certainly appreciate the increased radius "Security shield". Zealots often used as the basic unit, but after using the "Breakthrough" they are often beyond the sentinel. Due to the increased radius it will happen less often, so the large armies based on the gate will be easier to hide.

High Templar Damage from the "Counter" is reduced from 1 to 0.5 units for each absorbed unit of energy.

as the ability "Sniper shot phantom" it's "Accurate aiming", the Ghost has lost the ability to kill high Templar in one shot, and the knights Templar left for ghosts all the same deadly. Thus we want to change the logic of the battle between these two units, they were tied to energy management and not on the physical elimination of the enemy. In addition, due to the reduction of damage "Counter" madawaki no longer destroyed with one blow, so near the end of the game there is more potential for a versatile game. Now, dragonflies are less vulnerable to the Zerg, so the latter now have more opportunities to destroy the player's troops for the Protoss in the late game.

the robotics Factory Cost reduced from 200/100 to 150/100.

We hope that this change compensates for a long time the construction of the plant of robotics. At the moment, due to its cost and location on protosam the tech tree very few people can afford to build two plants in the beginning of the game, and it's a pretty big problem: in the middle of the game, four units produced here extremely important strategies for the Protoss. Sometimes plants robotics are used in strategies in which buildings are erected beside the enemy base. We will monitor this change and how it affects such a strategy.

the Colossus are Now turning the guns towards the enemy while moving.

the Unit that can turn the guns towards the enemy, not turning away from the target even in between shooting. Behave, for example, siege tanks and Immortals. Thanks to this innovation, the micro colossus in battle will bring players more benefits and will help develop the skills of management to a new level.

Destabilizer "Explosion of atonement" was the same as was before version 4.0. When you use appears a ball of energy that explodes after 2 seconds, dealing 155 damage and another 55 damage shield to all ground units in the area. "The explosion of cleansing", it doesn't happen from contact with enemy units. Now "the Explosion of purification" sends the opponent the signal directly at the explosion, and not during firing.

last year, we contributed to the destabilizing certain changes to find out if he can cause damage to the whole armies in the course of the game. Then there is a new tactic to use "Explosion of purification," however, the new destabilizer is not so effectively damaged units in the rear, such as skretny, because an explosion could occur by contact with melee units. To what extent to use the destabilizer has become more difficult as the probability to hit the allies in the battle with the zealots or zerglings was very high. It is for these reasons we decided to go back to the old version of the destabilizer.

in addition, we have added another change: now the signal to attack military units comes after the explosion in the ability "Burst of purification", but not at the time of its application. Before units started to attack the enemy destabilizer immediately after the receipt of a signal, which they went directly to the place where the fatal explosion. In addition, this change made the blast from the ability more similar to other effects operating in the region, such as attack siege tanks and psi storm.

the Hurricane Cost reduced from 300/200 to 250/175. Supplies reduced from 6 to 5. Health and shields reduced from 300/150 to 150/125. Speed increased from 2,632 to 3.5. Acceleration increased from 1,4875 to 2.8.

Now "Hurricane" — a mobile platform for artillery, and we'd like to keep this feature. However, we still believe that we need to make some changes to it was interesting to fight and to use it in cases when all units have reached the maximum level. Before the "Hurricane" was one of the best air units, if examine the correlation of health and cost (450 units). Reducing the amount of health we emphasized his weakness: small units in large numbers can deal with it. In addition, we would like to draw the attention of players and on the strengths of the "Hurricane".

due to the increased speed without reducing damage or range the actions of the players that use "Hurricane", can place their units in a more advantageous position. We believe that "Hurricane" should be a big fighting machine with great range and high speed, but low strength. In reviews, our attention is often drawn to the fact that in the later stages of the battle with the Zerg "Hurricane" is not used because of the large number of supplies and low ratio of effectiveness to cost in battles with any enemies, except for brood lords, so we decided to reduce the cost and amount of supplies. As for battles with the Terrans, "Hurricane" is usually used for battles with the "Liberators" or, more rarely, cruisers. With the new changes "Hurricane" will still be able to counter these units, however, due to reduced health with "Vikings" and "Tori" he will have more difficult.

the Carrier Removed improvement "Graviton catapult". Health and shields increased to 250/150 from 300/150. Construction time reduced from 86 to 64 sec. The time of construction of the interceptor is increased from 6 to 11 sec. Damage from interceptors reduced to 5x2 8x1. Now the damage of interceptors increases on the 1x2, and 1x1 for the improved attack from the air.

the aircraft Carrier is a powerful flagship, and we want to give players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills of managing them. Many people are not satisfied that the carriers do a lot of damage, but only at first. At the moment, the improvement of "Graviton catapult" allows the interception of aircraft carrier quickly deal with the threat to his units, leading fast shooting, such as hydralisks and Marines. Thus, any interaction of the carriers with the enemies ends quickly and badly for one party: either you destroy the carriers, or they destroy you. We removed improvement "Graviton catapult" reduce the damage done by the interceptor, and increased the strength of the aircraft carrier to the fight with him was not such a lightning and merciless.

as for lowering the speed of construction of the interceptor, we want the main way to counter aircraft carriers — the destruction of the interceptor — became effective. We have also reduced the time of construction of the aircraft carrier as compensation for the fact that now they no longer can reach full power: aircraft carriers still appear with four of the eight available interceptors. In addition, by reducing the damage of the aircraft carrier players will be able to produce them, as the enemy will not be such a pressing need to create units that can stand up to him.

the mother ship is Now "time Warp" reduces attack speed of enemy units and buildings by 50% and slows them by 50%.

"the time Warp" remained unchanged from the version in which we removed the mothership core. This ability was primarily useful early in the game, and we decided to strengthen it so that it is suited for higher-level units. Reducing the attack speed of enemy units, the ability helps suppress the enemy. Especially effective because it weakens the fortified defensive positions of the enemy, not destroying them.

the Battery Now the battery shields shields can recover the units affected by graviton beam of the Phoenix.

Thanks to this innovation the battery shields will be more effective to deal with the pressure of "the Phoenix", when those little. As a result, the opponents of using "Phoenix" will have to be careful.

the Assimilationist Strength and shields reduced to 300/300 450/450.

Due to lower margin Assimilator became more similar to refineries and extractors.

the Gates Now, when the development of the warp gate to complete, the new gateway automatically transformirovalsya to the gate of curvature at the completion of construction.

after you develop the gate curvature, the players usually transformerait new gate to the gate of curvature. This process does not require much effort from the player, and because we want to find out what happens if you automate it.

Total At the beginning of the match in phase of testing will start the countdown.

We know that many are not enough countdown at the beginning of matches. Thanks to him, the players waiting to begin battle, will approximately know when the game starts. Now we are testing this feature.

This is the first list of changes that will appear in the game in the November update after BlizzCon. As in the previous similar updates that we wanted to make balance changes are quite noticeable. During testing, the game will appear or disappear with the new changes and here we need your help! On Tuesday you will be able to get in line testing and experience all the innovations in person. Will wait for your feedback! Good luck and good game!