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Description of the update 4.6.1 for StarCraft II

StarCraft® II 11.09.2018 at 21:00

Total added To the store set-dedication of the family of Bane. The details you will find in this article. Open the queue for testing balance. Each of the races will have significant balance changes. Read more about these changes and the reasons for them can be found here. Bug fixes


Hahn and Horner Glow "quick fire" will now update correctly after asteriski "Mirage" performed ten attacks. Tychus Now when you move the heroes Tikus with the help of "Mediacracy" when they are under the influence of "Attack of the tentacles" Strangler, they will remove a stun effect. When trying to apply the "Devastating charge" Muddy Sam to the target, which already has the active charge, will receive an appropriate error message with an explanation instead of the standard. Fixed the debuff icon "Restrictive matrix case Mobius". Fixed an issue where the cruisers were stuck on the ground, if, immediately after the "Telekinetic enhancer" used "Dominance" of VEGA. Bursting grenade will no longer damage targets inside the bunkers and transport. Keys to improvements of armor and attacks in the engineering complex will no longer reset to default values from the second level and above Lieutenant lane Nikara can no longer heal units when they are teleported.

multiplayer game

"the landing Zone RV" — fixed amount of minerals at various points near the initial base of the player to match the other bases. "Split PB" — fixed an issue where some constraints of the review also influenced the air combat units. "Azure rocks RV" — removed invisible limiter review located outside the additional bases of all players. The tooltip for "Migration lens" of the Void ray now indicates that it decreases its rate of movement. Fixed an issue where players could not target flying combat units over the nexus if he used the "Mass teleportation".