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BlizzCon mobile app is available for download

Diablo® III 12.09.2018 at 22:00

Today begins the season of BlizzCon, and you can already download our free mobile app for Android and iOS. It makes it easy to monitor all e-sports events, movies premieres, round tables and other exciting events.



With the mobile BlizzCon app you can be sure not to miss any events of interest to you at BlizzCon! The app has already added some specially created for the BlizzCon videos, and in the future there will be even more interesting and useful materials: for example, the full interactive schedule of events, maps of venues, live performances and round tables, as well as the results of exciting eSports events.

to get full access to all videos related to BlizzCon — live broadcasts from all stages, first the news about Souvenirs and so forth, buy a virtual ticket for BlizzCon 2018.

You will find all the most interesting

Thanks to the tab "View" you don't miss any interesting part of BlizzCon. Today you can watch a series of special videos on BlizzCon. And virtual ticket holders will have access to many other materials. At the end of October, you can watch the live broadcast of the competition eSports weeks, and 2 and 3 November — the main events of BlizzCon. The archive will allow you at any time to refer to particularly liked the episodes or find out what was happening on the other stages. Watch videos on the big screen, if your device has the function to transfer the image.

will Determine the strategy — option coming soon!

Review with detailed information about the events at BlizzCon, and save the important data in your personal calendar so you don't miss anything. You will be able to sort the data in the calendar for games and scenes, as well as to celebrate most events you are interested in. After authorization the information on your chosen events is synchronized with the data on the BlizzCon website. You can also quickly find the required event using the cards of the exhibition. Studied in detail the plan of the hall you can plan your itinerary for meeting with friends.

See matches that will go down in history of eSports

don't miss any exciting moments of BlizzCon tournaments — during cyber week or major events! With the help of mobile applications BlizzCon you will be able to follow your favorite tournament — view brackets and feed BlizzCon events (current and past).

Stay updated

Through direct access to the official ribbon BlizzCon you'll receive a notification immediately after the publication of news about the event, relevant information about the Virtual Ticket and other important information.

the Official opening of BlizzCon 2018 will be held on Friday, November 2, but we advise you to download and install the mobile app in advance to not miss tournaments and other interesting events during the cyber week which will begin on October 25.

to Download a version for iOS

Download for Android